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#6506 Local Site or Remote Site Cardex Ability new Cardex, Local Site, Remote Site Bug report normal
#12028 Local Directory strainge new Bug report normal
#12530 Local / GMT time in log files accepted Logging, Time format Fabio Alemagna Feature request normal
#12250 Load balacing not ok new load balancing, small and large files Bug report normal
#4229 List View new list view Feature request normal
#11717 Limit number of invalid commands new Feature request normal
#6496 Limit number of downloads by file volume new limits Feature request normal
#11757 Limit for Concurrent Downloads setting over-rides all Global and User settings, regardless new Global Transfer settings Bug report high
#5356 Limit concurrent downloads/uploads in Site Manager new Feature request normal
#12281 Let's encrypt certs aren’t uploaded via SFTP to /etc/letsencrypt/live correctly new upload Bug report high
#11858 Let's Encrypt support new Feature request normal
#12711 Let's Encrypt certificate not accepted reopened LetsEncrypt certificate rejected Bug report normal
#11465 Left-hand Navigation too narrow moreinfo Navigation Bug report normal
#12566 Latest version crash in few 1000s files new crash,latest Bug report critical
#7751 Latest VMS file version not uploaded new Bug report high
#11872 Latest FileZilla - 3.41.1 does not login to our ftp and shows a certificate inscure algorithm (Also 3.40.0) new certificate, tls, error, connection Bug report high
#8279 Last transferred feature new recent,last,transfer Feature request normal
#1867 Last X Connected Sites new Feature request normal
#7191 Last Downloaded column new Last downloaded Feature request normal
#12479 Last 10 files transferred are not named new Displaying the list of file transfers Bug report normal
#5265 Large file upload poorly handled new Bug report high
#10953 Languages not translated new Localization Bug report normal
#12140 LOGIC BUG IN SYCRO NAVIGATION new Other normal
#6532 Kiosk Mode - add option new Kiosk Feature request normal
#7364 Keyboard shortcuts for Mac!!!! new Feature request high
#9203 Keyboard shortcuts new Patch high
#5594 Keyboard shortcut lost on Windows after update new shortcut Bug report low
#8786 Keyboard shortcut for upload on selected files new shortcut Feature request normal
#5595 Keyboard navigation on directory panel new keyboard navigation Bug report low
#10314 Keyboard Shortcut for Add files to queue new shortcut,add to queue,queue Feature request normal
#2794 Keeping current views as default directories when copying current connection new "current connection", "default local directory", "default remote directory" Feature request normal
#5523 Keep the focus on last file selected while changing tab new tab file focus change Feature request high
#11454 Keep items in local and remote directory lists refreshed new Folder View Refresh Keep Current Automatic Update Changes File List Filelist Feature request normal
#2900 Keep history of "Failed transfers"/"Successful Transfers" new Feature request normal
#7261 Keep directory selection after leaving a directoty new directory navigation selection Feature request normal
#12619 KDE - Minimize to systemtray crashes if used. new Bug report normal
#12517 It'is not possible to access to the server new FileZilla Pro 3.55.2 Bug report high
#11756 Issues using Filezilla on macOS Mojave new Bug report high
#12577 Issue with drag and drop new Bug report high
#11672 Issue with Verafin new Verafin Bug report normal
#5211 Issue with Site Specific Bookmarks in 3.3.2 reopened Bug report normal
#9310 Issue with (some) Symbolic Links - unable to change to the directory new Bug report high
#7757 Issue uploading folders containing files to Maverick SSHD version 1.4.32 new Bug report high
#12267 Issue in directory listing new search filter applies by default on new tab Bug report high
#8320 Is there any way to import users from Bullet Proof FTP Server to FileZilla FTP Server? new Other normal
#12743 Is there another way to supress update notifications other than fzdefaults.xml? new fzdefaults.xml Bug report blocker
#12597 Invoice required new Other high
#12105 Invalid size window size for "Create new file" new Bug report normal
#9681 Interface is right-to-left while language is English new interface, localization Bug report normal
#12040 Interface becomes unresponsive while transferring lot of files new unresponsive, log, performance Bug report normal
#9281 Interface becomes completely unresponsive new Bug report normal
#5481 Interchange colours (with white/grey) in the Queued files new alternate colours, queued files Feature request low
#9159 Interactive authentication SFTP connection, FileZilla doesn't store password and continue to ask Verification Code new Bug report normal
#7274 Interactive Quickconnect new quickconnect interactive Feature request normal
#12649 Integration with freedesktop secret service new Feature request normal
#11847 Integration with WinMerge (or some other program) to quickly compare files in compare mode new Feature request normal
#1912 Integrate into Shell - Right Click option to transfer new Feature request normal
#5612 Insufficient Logging in Server new Ser ver Logging Log Feature request high
#12422 Instructions not displayed on keyboard-interactive w. no questions new Bug report normal
#10166 Installer always defaults to default directory, ignores user install directory. new Bug report normal
#10788 Inserting FTP Url new Feature request normal
#1588 Info Tip on systray icons new taskbar-notification-area Feature request high
#5228 Individual proxy setup for every server configured in the server manager new individual proxy socks http Feature request normal
#4020 Individual Folder Configurations for Overwriting Files new overwrite Feature request normal
#12240 Index of/public_html/ new Other normal
#2841 Increase width of login fields new Feature request normal
#11776 Incorrect placing of the fileZilla client window after the second monitor turning off new restart window placing Bug report low
#11614 Incorrect pathing in filezilla latest client moreinfo Error in pathing Bug report low
#12478 Incorrect error 552 Disk full - please upload later new error, 552 Bug report normal
#11887 Incorrect Password new Other high
#7858 Incorrect Information in Download Progress Bar new Bug report low
#4569 Inconsistent usability of icon bar icons new icon bar Bug report low
#5338 Inconsistent timestamps for remote files during summer time new Summer Time, Daylight Saving, Timestamp Feature request normal
#4249 Incomplete download should be deleted new Incomplete download should be deleted Feature request normal
#11841 Incomplete Remote Directory Listing new incomplete missing remote directory Bug report normal
#8488 Incomplete File Transfers to Server new Bug report normal
#7469 In interactive mode, remember password for this session new password, remember Bug report normal
#10947 In filenames Filezilla replaces German umlaut with normal letter + diaresis marker new changes filenames Bug report critical
#2964 Improvement of download queue management new Feature request normal
#7383 Improved Log Window new Log Feature request normal
#11954 Improve web site security : confirm distant (or local) folder move by mouse new Folder move mouse security Feature request normal
#10885 Improve copy text from log area new Bug report low
#8702 Improve Update Process new update Feature request normal
#10667 Impractical behaviour of directory tree new Bug report normal
#5689 Impossible to read address bar drop down reopened Bug report high
#12023 Impossible rename file in amazon s3 (filezilla pro 3.45.2) new Bug report normal
#8657 Imported settings not working new settings import export Bug report normal
#12855 Import settings from command line new Feature request normal
#2231 Import 3rd-party generated queues new import Feature request normal
#12797 Implicit Encryption new Implicit Encryption Other normal
#10266 Implementation of Kerberos/GSSAPI support (RFC 2228) new Patch normal
#2719 Implement prefix search in directory trees new Feature request normal
#8691 Implement negotiate/kerberos authentication for proxy connection new kerberos proxy authentication Feature request normal
#11771 Implement dark mode in macOS Mojave new mac mojave dark Bug report high
#7362 Implement correct SSL shutdown on closing connection new SSL shutdown Bug report normal
#2697 Implement automatic file integrity verification (XCRC ) reopened Feature request normal
#6507 Implement ALLO option to FTP upload assigned Feature request normal
#8738 Immediately listing new file in client window new Feature request low
#11635 Images not showing up on live site when uploaded to specific folder new Bug report high
#5288 Image files with a "." (dot) prefix are transferred as ASCII reopened ASCII, dot, images, thumbnails Bug report normal
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