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Make Autoupdate silent (similar to google chrome)

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I find it extremely annoying and tedious that every time there is an update (every week) I have a big popup that interrupts what I'm doing, requiring me to go through a step by step wizard, specify a file location, all just to download the installer.
THEN I have to unpack the installer and run THAT, another step by step wizard, before I can go back to what I was doing.

Of course I can hit cancel, but then I will be prompted every time I open the program. At this point for the sake of convenience I would opt to not receive updates, leaving me potentially insecure from threats. I know I'm not the only one.

Can you guys make autoupdates happen silently in the background? I don't care where the installer is saved, just delete it when you're done. Give me an option to install now and restart, or to do it when I shut down the program (or start up again).

And finally, don't show me anything (if at all possible).

Seriously, I'm not asking for a reskin, just make life a little less annoying.

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comment:1 by bratkartoffel, 12 years ago

First of all: I'm not a fan of automatic, silent updates. I just hate them for various reasons, some of them below.

One problem with your suggestion is, that (when it all happens automatically) the user cannot use an older version of FileZilla even if he wants to.

For example, i'm forced to use version 3.5.2 just because the 3.5.3 stopped working with Debian vsftpd server with default ssl-cipher-settings (#7873). As in my opinion this server software is widely used and many users cannot simply change the server settings, this bug is really annoying in the newest version.

Personally, i don't see the need to implement an silent update agent like the one chrome has. As FileZilla has no serious, exploitable security bugs (unlike chrome), and is not updated as often as chrome, i think this feature is pretty unnecessary.

Additionally, what do you mean with "unpack installer and run it"? As far as i know (primary using FileZilla on Ubuntu which doesn't show the update dialoge) the dialog pops up, shows some information and after 2 or 3 clicks the download starts und the setup starts automatically.

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