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Limit for Concurrent Downloads setting over-rides all Global and User settings, regardless

Reported by: tranowme Owned by:
Priority: high Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: Global Transfer settings Cc: tranowme@…
Component version: 3.37.1 Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: Windows 7, 64-bit edition


  1. The Limit for Concurrent Downloads setting over-rides ALL Global and Individual site settings for Transfers!
  1. The Queue Priority setting also over-rides the User setting for Maximum Multiple Connections of Individual for sites.

Flexible User settings are no good if the program takes no notice, like the Concurrent Download Limit setting controls everything to do with transfers. As does the Priority.

Eg. For a Session

  • Maximum Simultaneous Transfers = 10
  • Limit for Concurrent Downloads = 5
  • Limit for Concurrent uploads = 0
  • Site 1: 10 Queued transfers, Priority Normal, Maximum Multiple Connections = 3
  • Site 2: 10 Queued transfers, Priority High, Maximum Multiple Connections = 3

Process the Queue and five Transfers will all start at once from Site 2; instead of two Transfers from Site 1 and three Transfers from Site 2; This blows-out Site 2 because it has a max number of connections/session of 3.

Also, despite the Maximum Simultaneous Transfers being higher, whatever the Limit for Concurrent Downloads is set to, that is the number of transfers that will try to start, not 10.
Also, setting the Priority up or down has a similar effect.

My thoughts:

  1. Globally: The “Maximum Simultaneous Transfers” should be the only setting to determining the Maximum number of Transfers that FileZilla starts at any one Session. (ps: 10 also seems a bit small in these days of High-speed Broadband).
  1. Globally: Limit for Concurrent Downloads should perhaps be Limit for Concurrent Downloads per Site; and determine the maximum number of Transfers to start on any Site at one time, UNLESS the Maximum Multiple Connections is set.
  1. Locally: Limit for Concurrent Downloads per Site should not override the Maximum Multiple Connections setting.
  1. Locally: Queue Priority should not override the Maximum Multiple Connections setting.

Hope this helps

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comment:1 by tranowme, 6 years ago

Maximum Multiple Connections = 3 for my sites

  • Maximum Simultaneous = 10
  • Limit for Concurrent Downloads = 0
  • Limit for Concurrent uploads = 0
  • Site 1: Queued, Priority Normal
  • Site 2: Queued, Priority Normal
  • Site 3: Queued, Priority High
  • Site 4: Queued, Priority Normal
  • Site 5: Queued, Priority Normal

Process Queue:
10 transfers started on Site 3.
Then this happened as transfers finished:
Site 3 = 9, Site 1 = 1
Site 3 = 8, Site 1 = 2
Site 3 = 7, Site 1 = 3
Site 3 = 6, Site 2 = 1
Site 3 = 5, Site 2 = 2
Transfers on Site 3 stayed at five until finished.
After that FileZilla seems back to normal… ie 10 Transfers simultaneously but only 3 at a time on any one Site.
Is this perhaps a stability issue with the latest version? Something with my settings? Don’t know.

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