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Last X Connected Sites

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It was suggested that I take these suggestions which I
wrote out in the public forums, and put them up
individually in the Tracker. So, here I go - 9 feature
requests, all individually posted.

#3 - Rather than having the last connected site
available by clicking on the 'R' button, it would be cool if
you listed the last server as item at the top of
connection manager drop-down, maybe with a line
dividing the last connection from the sites. By the way,
I really like how you can get to the sites by navigating
the drop-down, as opposed to having to open the
manager itself. Nicely done!

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comment:1 by jkane001, 21 years ago

#3a - For those of us who connect to many sites in the
course of a day, and who are also highly lazy, it might be
nice to have more than 1 "last connection" available.
Maybe "Last 3 connections" or something like that?

comment:2 by Alexander Schuch, 17 years ago

Some programs have a list of recently used files/servers/whatever as part of the file-menu. Other have a recent-submenu in the file-menu for listing recently used servers.

FileZilla 3 shows recently used "quick connections" in the quick connect bar history. Though, recenly used site manager items are not added there. The question is, what a novice user expects. If recently used site manager items get added to file->recent list, one has to remember if last server was connected to from site manager or from quick connect in order to know which list to take. This is not good.

So maybe add two separate lists in the quick connect bar history: one for the quick connect bar itself and another one, separated by a separator maybe, for the site manager items. Or give the user the choice (settings) to make FileZilla merge both lists.

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