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Make "force EPSV over IPv4" available as an option

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Hi everybody,

first i would like to thank the devs for this great product. I am using it for all of my FTP connections and it worked like a charm.

Now i am trying to setup my own FTP server with the latest available Filezilla FTP Server and i am currently facing an issue that my Filezilla client ( latest version ) is for whatever reason not falling back to try EPSV connection ( because PASV is not working).

My ISP provided me a IPv6 connection to the Internet with a static IPv6 adress. I already discovered that a IPv6 connection to my server is working like a charm, but not through IPv4. Because of this i bought a IPv4 ( not that expensive as i thought ) adress and do portmapping from my IPv4 adress to my IPv6 adress.

I tested the portmapping through my mobile by using a FTP client which is able to force EPSV through IPv4 and i got a successful connection.

If i try the same with my notebook ( connected to the internet through a IPv4 connection ) it fails, because of the error message:

500 You are connected using IPv6. PASV is only for IPv4. You have to use the EPSV command instead.

I also tried to test through and it fails at PASV command.

My request would be to make "force EPSV over IPv4" available as an option for a FTP connection.

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