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Limit number of downloads by file volume

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FileZilla has an option to limit the number of files uploaded/downloaded at a time. Though very useful, this does not always meet factual requirements.

In the case that I download or upload large files (e.g. a server backup), I would like to transmit only one or two at a time. Same for downloading. While, when up/downloading many small files (e.g. html files) then the overhead takes much time and I would like to start a lot of transfers at a time.

Therefore I request the feature to additionally limit the number of file transfers by file size, e.g. "Limit concurrent downloads to [1] GB". So if I usually would like to limit to 5 files, but FileZilla find two files of 500 MB then it shall wait with further downloads until one of them has been transferred.

Thanks for reading :)

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