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#7371 Command line option to bring up an Enter Password dialog. new Feature request normal
#7368 GUI enhancements for This/New tab selection new gui, ui, interface Feature request normal
#7367 New version disables trust this certificate check box for self generated certificates new Bug report normal
#7366 Filter button GUI inconsistency new gui, ui, interface Feature request low
#7364 Keyboard shortcuts for Mac!!!! new Feature request high
#7362 Implement correct SSL shutdown on closing connection new SSL shutdown Bug report normal
#7361 Server Admin UI Close/Minimize Behavior new server admin Feature request normal
#7353 Target file already Exists popup when uploading file. new Bug report normal
#7352 Cosmetic issue with error messages for on manual transfer dialog new Bug report normal
#7346 incomplete and corrupt file transfer new Bug report high
#7343 Filezilla does not correctly recognise existing processes for view/edit file new Bug report normal
#7341 Windows 7 Library support new Windows 7 Library Feature request low
#7339 Memory can not be written error on listview click new Bug report normal
#7338 ASCII Mode Enhancement Request new Feature request normal
#7336 Not able to export the bookmarks new Bug report high
#7330 Rename premission request new Feature request normal
#7326 Requesting new feature for the last opened bookmark new bookmark Feature request normal
#7323 Hide address in tabs which added to manager, show only names (as option) new address, tab, login, manager, interface, settings, menu, appearance Feature request normal
#7322 Wrong folder for preferences new settings path folder preferences options Feature request normal
#7321 Binary instead of ASCII transfer of text files from Windows to Unix servers new binary ascii Bug report normal
#7320 Bad Packet Length or Corrupted MAC on input uploading large files new Bad Packet Length or Corrupted MAC on input Bug report normal
#7308 Skip the file to download/upload if the Filename and FileSize is the same otherwise overwrite new Feature request high
#7306 File listing in "External site" keeps refreshing/changing during transfer new transfer file listing Bug report normal
#7304 Option to allow automatic updates new update automatic client Feature request normal
#7301 Uninstall shortcut new uninstall install shortcut startmenu Feature request normal
#7291 "Already connected" dialog does not give checkbox option to "always do this" new Bug report normal
#7290 if deepest directory in local pane is deleted, filezilla should try parent directory recursively before defaulting to filesystem root new Bug report normal
#7289 default site new Feature request normal
#7288 Overwrite file should occur if the filename is same and filesize is different new Overwrite file should occur if the filename is same and filesize is different Feature request high
#7283 Allow deletion of source files/folders after transferring new Feature request high
#7282 Search in "Site manager" new Feature request low
#7278 Multiple dialogs simultaneously hangs client (OSX) new Bug report normal
#7275 Download timer doesn't go over 2 hours new Bug report low
#7274 Interactive Quickconnect new quickconnect interactive Feature request normal
#7269 Synchronized scrolling on Mac not working new Bug report normal
#7262 Delete one line of history new removing history Feature request normal
#7261 Keep directory selection after leaving a directoty new directory navigation selection Feature request normal
#7259 File Date/Time Preservation Again new Feature request normal
#7258 Default action after queue complete new queue complete action Feature request normal
#7257 Some functionnalities are not accessible without right click new right click Feature request low
#7255 Action after queue completion - add custom action & select multiple actions new action queue completion custom multiple actions Feature request normal
#7252 filezilla client does not work connecting to Stratus VOS new Stratus VOS Bug report normal
#7250 Server time stamp wrong new Bug report normal
#7249 Realtime search box accepted search firefox realtime search behzad Feature request high
#7248 files do no list if user group has spaces new SFTP user group spaces files do not list Bug report high
#7246 Speed Limits icon distorted without 48x48 version new Bug report low
#7241 config option to select a private keyfile from pageant per server new auth pageant keyfile Axel Huizinga Feature request normal
#7237 Upload to Temporary Filename new php, upload, temporary Feature request normal
#7235 Round-robin distribute queued transfers to multiple servers new Feature request normal
#7234 Number of connections to set per server new Feature request normal
#7232 sftp implementation presumes a fixed size buffer of 32KB for transfer of data to client new download sftp buffersize Bug report normal
#7228 Windows Taskbar Integrated Progress Bar new windows missing functionality Feature request high
#7227 Directory and filename parsing issues with OSX machine bound to Active Directory new active directory, mac, group, Remote Login Bug report high
#7221 motd per group / user new Feature request normal
#7220 Add row of navigation buttons above both local and remote listings new navigation buttons up refresh Feature request normal
#7216 compare files before edit new Feature request normal
#7215 Auto-expanding remote view on transfer new remote view expand collapse traverse Feature request normal
#7208 Regarding FTP Connectoin new Could not connect to server Other critical
#7199 Opens in Previous Extended Desktop Location After Monitor Orientation Change new extended desktop, orientation Bug report normal
#7198 refreshing changed files new Feature request high
#7197 Auto-refresh remote file listing when transferring new Feature request normal
#7192 Other protocols for FileZilla client new Feature request normal
#7191 Last Downloaded column new Last downloaded Feature request normal
#7178 directory listing is not always refreshed after uploading a file accepted Rahul Bug report normal
#7176 FileZilla SFTP does not accept >=100 char passwords new sftp authentication Bug report high
#7175 Can't move Filezilla for Mac window. The top of Filezilla is stuck under the Mac menu bar. reopened can't move filezilla window Bug report high
#7173 Can't add bookmarks for MVS paths new Bug report normal
#7166 Can not download files with german tokans assigned bug german letters petras Bug report normal
#7161 Saving transferece queue in csv/txt format new file queue save txt csv clipboard Feature request normal
#7160 Saving failed transferece queue new queue transference XML file empty Bug report normal
#7157 Connecting to a B&R PLCs FTP results in an error after successfully requesting the current directory reopened Bug report normal
#7156 Remote-GUI or console based to download queues new Feature request normal
#7155 Minimize and Manual Transfer use same keyboard shortcut new Bug report normal
#6532 Kiosk Mode - add option new Kiosk Feature request normal
#6530 Move Button new move button Feature request normal
#6528 Send kepp alive request via SSH connection new Feature request normal
#6516 remove drive letter from local directory new Feature request normal
#6514 Fix locale names new Feature request normal
#6511 Default System Language new Default system language Bug report low
#6509 Ask confirmation before clearing history new Feature request normal
#6508 Possibility to delete items one by one from history new Feature request normal
#6507 Implement ALLO option to FTP upload assigned Feature request normal
#6506 Local Site or Remote Site Cardex Ability new Cardex, Local Site, Remote Site Bug report normal
#6501 A file with that name is already being transferred new Bug report normal
#6500 Overwrite dialog when a file doesnt exist?? new Bug report normal
#6498 warn earlier about reboot? new update reboot Feature request low
#6496 Limit number of downloads by file volume new limits Feature request normal
#6493 Site manager dialog closes on escape key even when editing an item / doesn't save changes new site manager, save change prompt, escape key Bug report normal
#6492 Deleting a symbolic link removes the linked directory content instead of deleting itself new delete symbolic link Bug report high
#6489 Prepend remote file location to temporary file name when editing. new Feature request normal
#6488 Copy full filename in local queue pane to clipboard new Feature request high
#6484 WIth MVS ps large ps files don´t read the directory in correct way then it don´t have the ability to do FTP new IBM zOS v1.11 windows large files Bug report normal
#6199 sending files directly from explorer and have the link copyed automatically new email, links, http, destination, link, dropbox, explorer integration Feature request normal
#6194 Proxy Import Problem new Proxy, Import Bug report normal
#6193 Allow long path names reopened Bug report normal
#6190 Extracting archives in FileZilla new Feature request low
#5711 check if a file is in the queue before it can be deleted new Feature request normal
#5704 Drag files to FTP shortcut uploads files automatically new Feature request normal
#5701 Uploading large file fails, strange progress bar behavior new upload, progress bar Bug report normal
#5699 Handling of symbolic links on Server site new symbolic link Bug report normal
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