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Clear local directory dropdown when connecting to new server in same tab

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When you use one ftp server, the source file directories combo goes memorizing all the folders you navigate for transactions.

When you want to connect to another server, Filezilla gives you the option: "Abort current connection", but the problem is that Filezilla keeps some directories used in the previous server connection in the combo, creating risk of SERIOUS DAMAGE, if someone takes for instance an index.php from a different website and paste over another index.php from another site. I say that because in my machine I have source files for about 10 different websites. This behaviour of Filezilla is very dangerous and I tasted this problem myself... did this fault once =D but noticed instantly and corrected! The luck is that I had the original file for the wrongly ovewrited website index... What about if I didn't have the original source ??? You must change it this way: If someone aborts one connection to connect to a new server, source files combo MUST be cleared!!!

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comment:1 by Sergio Abreu, 11 years ago


I want to clarify the first statement:

I meant: "When you CONNECT to a new server" when I wrote "when use a ftp server".

comment:2 by Alexander Schuch, 11 years ago

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Can you please explain your idea a bit more and where it is useful? Right now, FileZilla seems to have all you need.

You can create a bookmarks using the site manager, and give a default remote directory and local directory. You can use synchronised browsing to make sure you navigate synchronously locally and remotely.

The local directory list survives connections to different hosts, whereas the remote directory list is only valid for a given host and not shared among different hosts.

comment:3 by Sergio Abreu, 11 years ago

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Did you read carefully the info I gave, because all is explained there. Now I will just repeat:
Imagine a person who administer many websites - his hard disk has the sources of different websites. Supposing that he is updating more than one websites in a session, the fact that Filezilla doesn't clear the combo from left (local directories) creates the danger of a person to overwrite incorrect files if the source is the wrong item of the combo, with similar file names... If someone has 4 websites, he may have 4 different "index.php" and by distration, this overwrite can be unrecoverable and give us a lot of problems (imagine if the version running in website is different from the one you have on disk - for instance when you are adding features in a new beta test. SIMPLE SOLUTION: Always when open new connection clear the left combo for that session. Every website tab could accumulate the directories visited for that particular tab. Now, filezilla keeps all visited directories even if you have 3 tabs with 3 different websites. That's not a secure approach.

comment:4 by Alexander Schuch, 11 years ago

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If you close the connection and open another connection in the same tab, the recent local directory list survives - because you use the same tab.

If you want to manage multiple servers at the same time during one "session", simply open as many tabs as you need and use one tab per server. Creating a new tab will automatically clear the list of recent local directories for the new tab.

And the simple solution against overwriting files is to think twice before overwriting a file and to use version control (git, Subversion, and others) so that you have a history of all relevant changes available at any needed time.

comment:5 by Sergio Abreu, 11 years ago

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If Filezilla offers the option "Abort current connection and open in the current tab" it should have the intelligence to clear previous visited directories in that combo. The previous answer suggests to open one tab per website. But if the user chooses "Aborting and open the next site in the current tab" ? Would it be difficult to clear previous visited directories?

comment:6 by Alexander Schuch, 11 years ago

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Summary: Filezilla Client should remove previous src directories in comboClear local directory dropdown when connecting to new server in same tab

comment:7 by Alexander Schuch, 11 years ago

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