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Snap panels (message log, transfer queue) to left and right of screen

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Like many people, I'm now using a widescreen monitor. Currently my FileZilla client is split into four horizontal panels: message log, directory trees, file listings, and transfer queue. As a result these panels are all very short and wide.

It seems the space would be better used if the GUI allowed me to snap the panels to the sides of the screen, so that (for example) I could have the message log along the left, or the transfer queue along the right, or both. Then I would have four columns: message log, local tree/files, remote tree/files, and transfer queue, and there would still be plenty of horizontal room. Alternately, I could leave the log and the queue at the top and bottom, and have the directory trees to the left of their respective file listings rather than above them.

A good example of this behaviour can be found in most IDEs, which tend to have a lot of different panels available, but are flexible in how they can be arranged. You can dock them to an edge of the screen, or split them with another panel already docked to that edge, etc.

Just a suggestion. I love using FileZilla, and an improvement like this would only make me happier.


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