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File Filter settings and an ON/OFF switch

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The file filters on this program are an awesome tool, but because they are 'set and forget' program wide - the implication is that if I set up my filter to exclude .aspx files on one site, that I never want to see .aspx files anywhere, ever, without remembering that I have filters on and remembering to turn them off.

1) Filename filters set in the tool bar should be for the current program only and not 'saved'
2) Permanent (resettable, of course) filename filters should be part of the Site Manager Inital setup. That way, when I want to deal with client A's web site, I log on via Site Manager site_a_web which has the filename filters set for that job. Later, when I want to log on to client A's data base, I use site_a_data and the filters from "a_web" aren't interfering.

All this is because I use Filezilla on so many different sites for so many different purposes... in fact I can't imagine a situation where my preference is never to transfer a file of a certain type world-wide.

In conjunction, a quick ON/OFF button for filtering would be helpful
A button right near the file panels (not way up on the tool bar) that lets be know that Filters (by whatever configuration) are either on or off - and allows me to toggle.

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comment:1 by dbdataplus, 11 years ago

I heartily agree with this Feature Request. Obviously this becomes a case of "creeping elegance" until the feature suite for filters becomes it's own project - and then nothing EVER gets changed

Personally, I think filters should be for the current connection session only, but if not that - then remembered on a site-by site basis.

Less work, but STILL helpful -- an icon on the top information bar that indicates, preferably in color, that FILTERS are engaged.

comment:2 by Alexander Schuch, 11 years ago

Keywords: filters added

There is a toolbar icon regarding directory filters. If filters are enabled, the icon is "pushed", if they are disabled, the icon is "normal".

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