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Ticket Summary Status Keywords Owner Type Priority
#7761 Save highlighted list of files into the system clipboard new system clipboard Feature request normal
#2302 Save queue configuration in client to settings.xml new Feature request normal
#3851 Save to Sites option from Quick Connect Menu new Save To Sites Quick Connect Feature request normal
#4989 Save/Load named Site Manager profiles new save, load, Site Manager, security, portability, usability, capsulization Feature request normal
#7160 Saving failed transferece queue new queue transference XML file empty Bug report normal
#2166 Saving list of files to transfer as a project new Feature request normal
#7415 Saving of a file moves FileZilla to the foreground new Bug report normal
#7161 Saving transferece queue in csv/txt format new file queue save txt csv clipboard Feature request normal
#1665 Scheduled queue transfer new scheduling Feature request low
#11231 Scrolling on Mac Client slow to respond in Site Manager new scrolling on mac Bug report low
#10345 Scrolling with drag and drop scrolls too fast, too far moreinfo_accepted scrollig with drag and drop Stephen L'Allier Patch normal
#11679 Search and opening multiple files option to open ALL local or refresh new Feature request normal
#11323 Search feature in FTP Server new search Feature request normal
#7282 Search in "Site manager" new Feature request low
#11720 Search onkeyup crush moreinfo search, keyup Bug report normal
#8421 Search or sort "Transfer" column new Feature request normal
#11041 Search remote Files new Search remote file Feature request normal
#11286 Second monitor window isn't focused back to first monitor if disconnected new monitor,display,second,window,out,of,reach Bug report low
#11143 Security Concern new security phone_support Other critical
#4926 See the Transfer mode in the Transfer Queue section new Enhancement request Feature request normal
#10895 Segmentation fault moreinfo Segmentation fault Bug report normal
#5095 Selecting next file after deleting one new delete, select Feature request normal
#11394 Send a request to get an external IP from an active IP address new multiple gateways Feature request normal
#6528 Send kepp alive request via SSH connection new Feature request normal
#10787 Separate Windows & Customizable Shortcuts new Feature request normal
#4938 Separate queues and message logs for tabs new tab, message log, transfer queue Feature request normal
#7391 Server - Display Connection Count new Connection count Feature request normal
#7361 Server Admin UI Close/Minimize Behavior new server admin Feature request normal
#5688 Server certificate needs to be accepted twice new Bug report normal
#11989 Server connection does not work new bug connection, empty windows Bug report normal
#12038 Server not updating new Bug report critical
#7250 Server time stamp wrong new Bug report normal
#4721 Set Priority on Transfer new Feature request normal
#10648 Set maximum simultaneous transfers per-server rather than globally new Feature request normal
#8358 Setting "Window position and size" is wrong calculated new Bug report low
#5566 Settings / Transfers / Enable Invalid Character Filtering enhancement new Enable Invalid Character Filtering Feature request normal
#8081 Settings: Interface -> Filesize format (spelling) new text-wording Bug report low
#5350 Sharing filename filter new filter Feature request normal
#8225 Shell scripts files permission changed after downloaded from remote site. new permission Bug report high
#2792 Shell to external file manager new Feature request normal
#5676 Shortcut CMD+ARROW_DOWN on MacOSX new osx, mac, keyboard shortcut Feature request normal
#4776 Shortcut for bookmarks new Feature request normal
#8709 Shortcut for directories in site manager new Feature request normal
#2730 Shortcut key to bring up "Enter Custom Command" new Feature request normal
#4120 Shortcut keys new keyboard-shortcut, F4 for editing Feature request high
#2389 Shortcut to hide new taskbar-notification-area, keyboard-shortcut Feature request normal
#11933 Shortened queue when downloading too many files and folders at once. moreinfo download, queue Bug report normal
#11214 Should warn if file permissions are not writable new file permissions Bug report normal
#1863 Show % in title! new Feature request normal
#1925 Show Greatest Left time in TaskBar new Feature request normal
#2912 Show file name in deletion confimation new Feature request normal
#2870 Show only download really done new Feature request normal
#7228 Show progress on Windows 7 Taskbar new windows 7 GUI Feature request high
#4584 Show progress status when Minimized accepted minimize progress taskbar radoslavma Feature request normal
#11793 Show progress when deleting files new Feature request normal
#10291 Show time when a request was sent or received new Feature request normal
#5132 Show total time taken in succesful transfers window new total time, transfer time, time Feature request normal
#11984 Shown upload speed exeeds actuall speed by far and forced closing of connection new upload speed Bug report normal
#5332 Simplification of "Import..." function new Import Queue XML Feature request normal
#5432 Simultaneous connections error new Simultaneous connections maximum number of clients Bug report normal
#4361 Site Import Duplication new site import Feature request normal
#1873 Site List Import new Feature request normal
#10846 Site List URL Setting Suggestion new Feature request normal
#11159 Site Manager - Make a pane new Feature request normal
#4976 Site Manager Save Button new Site Manager Save Button Feature request normal
#11784 Site Manager Synchronised Browsing setting is not restored with reconnect button new synchonised synchronized reconnect Bug report normal
#10483 Site Manager default status new site manager Feature request normal
#11978 Site Manager fails to connect with FileZilla_3.44.2 Client new Bug report normal
#8600 Site Manager search option new Feature request normal
#11640 Site Manager selection pane too narrow and non-resizable new site manager, pane size, resize Bug report normal
#10247 Site Manager sorting broken for numeric site names new site manager sorting Feature request normal
#12030 Site Manager, site export does not output files new Bug report normal
#4381 Site Selector Dropdown sort by last connected. new site manager, site, sort Feature request normal
#2834 Site management "mode" request new Feature request normal
#6493 Site manager dialog closes on escape key even when editing an item / doesn't save changes new site manager, save change prompt, escape key Bug report normal
#10676 Site manager displayed when connecting from command line new site manager command line Bug report normal
#10743 Site manager scroll wheel new Site manager scroll wheel Bug report normal
#12065 Site manager stuck when unable to load key file new Bug report blocker
#7825 Site manager: Delete key new keyboard-shortcut Feature request normal
#7827 Site manager: Don´t open folders when dropping an entry new Feature request normal
#2954 Site title when asking password new Feature request normal
#5549 Site-specific Filename Filters new Feature request normal
#8379 Sitemanager "move site to folder" function new sitemanager, move function Feature request normal
#7308 Skip the file to download/upload if the Filename and FileSize is the same otherwise overwrite new Feature request high
#8106 Slow Folder Tree in Network new network drive Bug report normal
#8324 Slow and interrupted upload in FileZilla client 3.6 and on Mac 10.8.2 new slow upload 3.6 OS-X Bug report normal
#11960 Slow enumeration of files on mapped network drive new performance slow local Bug report normal
#5116 Slow local list view in directory with many files reopened slow, list view, directory Bug report normal
#7433 Slow startup and local path changes due to querying excessive folders new startup delay Bug report normal
#11814 Slow upload over TLS new Slow TLS Bug report normal
#11893 Small bug new Bug, Bug report low
#8576 Small redo last transference new Feature request normal
#7414 SmartFTP: tabs which change the local or remote only new Feature request normal
#7740 Snap panels (message log, transfer queue) to left and right of screen new snap dock panel side view widescreen Feature request normal
#11611 Some alt key combinations not working on Mac new at key, @ key Bug report normal
#10847 Some buttons not shown properly in settings from Filezilla new Bug report normal
#11393 Some files are missing when I transfer file over a server. new Other normal
#11998 Some files are still being edited or need to be .... new Bug report normal
#7257 Some functionnalities are not accessible without right click new right click Feature request low
#10848 Sometimes files has zero bytes on the server after uploading new Bug report low
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