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On Up/Down speed icon in status bar, mouse over text reports incorrect information

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Priority: low Component: FileZilla Client
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Filezilla 3.7.3
(if it matters) Layout of file and directory panes: widescreen

The status bar has an icon that I guess is supposed to report the download and upload speed. It's basically like a semaphore with a red and green light but they never light up.

When mouse hovers over the icon, it says the download and upload speed, but the values reported are incorrect. It seems the download and upload speeds are computed based on the part of the queue that's visible in the interface.

For example, queue 100-200 files to upload to a ftp server, then queue 100-200 files to download from a ftp server and limit to 5 download slots and 5 upload slots.

At the bottom, I can only see the 5 files being uploaded and the rest of the files queued for upload. I know 5 files are being downloaded but they're all the way at the bottom of the queue.

If I move mouse over the icon, it will say Download : 0 KB/s , Upload : 300 KB/s (or whatever).
If I scroll down until I see the active downloads, the files being uploaded are no longer visible in the interface so when i put mouse over the icon I get Download: x MB/s , Upload : 0 KB/s
When both uploads and downloads are visible, tooltip shows both speeds properly.

So basically it looks like the math regarding download speed is done just on what's visible on screen (or I don't know, maybe just a small subset of the queue the application holds in memory for that view)

ps (this is basically feature request).. It would help if I could see in the status bar the amount of data queued split between uploads and downloads, right now you only see the Total queued.

For example, I have 400 GB of transfers queued but no way to easily tell how much is left to upload when I'm not sure if the server has enough free disk space to hold what's left.

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