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Needs to refresh file size so progress bar is accurate on download

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Immediately prior to commencing the download of a file, FileZilla needs to refresh its knowledge of the file specs from the server. This needs to be done individually and separately for each file.

Consider the following scenario:

  1. Persons "A" and "B" are both logged into the same FTP server.
  2. Person A begins uploading a 500mb file "XX" (with some indeterminate FTP client).
  3. Person B (running FileZilla) gets a listing of the directory during the upload. At that time, 50mb of the file has been transferred.
  4. The upload subsequently completes.
  5. Person B starts downloading file XX, without doing a "refresh" of the directory listing.
  6. FileZilla starts the download and indicates that it expects it is downloading a 50mb file. The progress bar (bar graph) goes up to 100% and then the label changes to ">100%". FileZilla can no longer estimate how much time remains in the download.

Since files may change at any time on an FTP server, FileZilla should re-obtain the file statistics (size, date, etc) immediately prior to each file's download, not only to ensure accuracy of the progress bar and the time estimations, but also for safety of the operation as well. (For example, ability to determine if there's enough space for the download.)

If this is found to significantly impact performance (it shouldn't), a user preference can be added to select the new behavior for safety, or the old behavior for performance.

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comment:1 by Alexander Schuch, 10 years ago

Type: Bug reportFeature request

This all can still fail if a the user tries to download a log file which keeps growing even during the download.

Anyway, this is not a bug but a feature request.

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