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#11149 new Feature request

No way to remove all files from queue that are not being uploaded/downloaded

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If you right-click on the queue of transfers, there is an option "stop and remove all".
By doing that, as a result, the files that are currently being transferred will usually be broken at the destination (e.g. on the server if being uploaded).

So, this option is not always viable.

There should be (in addition) another option called something like "remove all files not being transferred", which would remove from the queue all files except those whose transfer has already transferred. So, you would have a way to stop a transfer without leaving broken files.

Currently there's no way to accomplish that, and this is pathetic.

Note that manually selecting and removing all non-transferring files is usually not possible because by the time you are done selecting all files, chances are that the first ones in the selection have already started being transferred.

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 7 years ago

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comment:2 by teo8976, 7 years ago

You are subestimating the importance of this issue (btw, when a critical feature is missing, it's a bug). At the very least this is "high".

Suppose you start an upload and realise that it's going to take ages, or for whatever reason you have to abort it. Right now, you have to choose between (a) waiting until it's finished which may take ages, or (b) interrupting it with "stop and remove all" and leave corrupt file, which then you'd have to figure out which ones they are in order to quickly fix them, and there's not even an easy way to know that.

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