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#11893 Small bug new Bug, Bug report low
#11896 Waiting list update error: total amount may be false new waiting list size update stack Bug report low
#11935 FZ ignores connection specific keyfiles if Pageant is available new Pageant GPG-Agent keyfile Bug report low
#11952 Number of files on remote folder new Bug report low
#12080 Update LSMinimumSystemVersion in Info.plist for macOS new macOS Bug report low
#12124 Ctrl Backspace in the directory bar new Bug report low
#12134 Host / Port information reopened HOST PORT Bug report low
#12173 Sorting queue with header doesn't follow remote order new Feature request low
#12216 New release Filezilla 3.49.0_win64-setup new update install failed Bug report low
#12316 Ability to change download target (path/name) of queued files new Feature request low
#12330 Typo on FileZilla home page new Other low
#12364 preserve timestamps of transferred files can't work on sftp new timestamp, sftp Bug report low
#12443 Synchronise height of panes new panes Feature request low
#12457 Server connection issue moreinfo server connect issue Other low
#12481 Remote file size not correctly displayed new Bug report low
#12511 Directory Comparison - add ability to change colors? new Directory Comparison, Color Feature request low
#12592 Subdirectories of queued directories should always be queued immediately after their parent directory new Bug report low
#12594 Filezilla 3.56.2 wrong MVS Dataset DISPLAY on sftp protokoll new MVS-Dataset sftp Bug report low
#12655 FileZilla fault moreinfo Other low
#12683 a bit more granular controls on accounts new account restrictions Feature request low
#12735 need MimeType assosiation inside the 'filezilla.desktop' file new Feature request low
#12742 Show Dropbox team folders new dropbox business Feature request low
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