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#2113 new Feature request

Modify client-side Mode Z enablement based on file type

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Priority: low Component: FileZilla Client
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The new compression option is nice; however, there
could be a minor logic improvement.

compression of binaries is likely to not be fruitful
because many are precompressed; however, more than just
directories can benefit from compression.

I respectfully request that another radio button be
added to allow dir and ascii transmissions, omitting
binary transmissions.

I believe this would provide the best overall
performance and hopefully very little actual code change.

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comment:1 by Alexander Schuch, 11 years ago

Status: newmoreinfo

Can you be a little bit more verbose? Right now I do not understand what you mean. Do you talk about FileZilla Client or FileZilla Server? And what are compressed directories?

comment:2 by xaminmo1, 11 years ago

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Component: OtherFileZilla Client
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Hrm. For some reason, I can't log in to the trac site. My apologies, but I'll have to use this secondary account until it's sorted.

This would be client side, so as to be compatible with any server that supported compression.

There is no such thing as a "compressed directory". If you look back to when FZ supported compression, the options were Off, Directories, and All Files. When you request a directory from the server, that data is sent as ASCII text. That text is eligible for z-mode compression.

My request is/was to increase the granularity of when the client would select Z-mode for transfers, based on the type of data being requested. I asked for this, because often I will send compressible files, and pre-compressed files, in the same batch. It would be nice to be able to have optimal transfer speeds for these mixed batches. Sending .GZ files when I have "compress all files", slows things down. Mode Z wasn't horrible for pre-compressed files, but when spending several hours moving bulk data, it can make a difference.

However, in the 8 years since I submitted the request, much has changed in FileZilla It looks like compression isn't even an option since version 3 (among other dropped features). As such, this would depend on #2977, which requests to re-add Mode Z compression to FileZilla client. It looks like #2380 is a duplicate of my request.

Ideally, the settings would have checkboxes for:
A) Directories. When you list a directory, ie, the "DIR" command in FTP, that comes across as ASCII. So, when this is enabled, that listing would be compressed, when compression is supported by the server.

B) ASCII. When enabled, it would request ASCII files be transmitted and received using compression.

C) BINARY. When enabled, it would request BINARY files be transmitted and received using compression.

D) Include/Exclude list. Process a pattern match, extension list, or regex, and for each match, toggle the bit. This would supercede/override (B) and (C) above, and would be processed from the top down, such that an entry at the end of the list would override a conflicting match at the top of the list.

Section D could replace the need for B and C, but it's nice to have simple defaults for people who don't want to tinker more than "everything on" or "everything off".

comment:3 by Josh Davis, 11 years ago

Ok, sorry, fixed my primary account.

comment:4 by Josh Davis, 11 years ago

Keywords: modez mode z compression added
Priority: normallow
Summary: Modify compression option for ascii and dir vs all and dirModify client-side Mode Z enablement based on file type
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