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Scheduled queue transfer

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Priority: low Component: FileZilla Client
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Description (last modified by Tim Kosse)

I'm sitemanager at a site where we publish articles and rewiews
twice a week. My problem is, I have to stay up until 24:00 when a new
article / rewiew is to be published. Is there any chanse to add a
feature where I can schedule a transfer of the queue? If so, I could
add the files neccesary to the queue and select a date / day / time for
processing the queue. Also, I suggest that this feature takes care
of connection / disconnection when the selected time
An example:

at 24:00, the program connects
to the server, process the queue and then disconnect. If any
problems occur, a warning message including the errors pops up.
When I wake up, I will see if the transfer was successfully - and if not, I
will know what the problem was.

This would help me a

Vidar Fagerjord, siteadmin.

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comment:1 by anonymous, 21 years ago

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Yes, I agree with that. So FileZilla could run in batch mode.
Great !

comment:2 by Eirik, 19 years ago

More a feature request than a support request - moved.

comment:3 by victorwestmann, 16 years ago

I had the same problem. My company had to develop a small and simple FTP client just because we couldnt find a good alternative (read OPEN here) with the schedule feature on it.

It would be really awesome to have it! I would install FileZilla all over my workplace. On every single pc/client. :)

comment:4 by gaeyan, 15 years ago

I agree,

This would be a very helpful feature for publication's updates and also in the other way for backuping sites.

Great Job by the way.

comment:5 by Alexander Schuch, 15 years ago

Component: OtherFileZilla Client
Priority: normallow

comment:6 by Alexander Schuch, 15 years ago

This is not just for scheduled/timed downloads, but for timed uploads as well... in summary: scheduled/timed transfers.

comment:7 by Alexander Schuch, 15 years ago

Cc: ci-dev@… added

comment:8 by Ivo, 14 years ago

I am also waiting for this solution even opened a new ticket #5193 on this but was redirected here, seems the issue is too complicated to be solved in 7 years :(

comment:9 by Scott Bragg, 11 years ago

I have made a patch as part of ticket #8011 which implements scheduled transfers by a simple on/off queue. No word if it will be accepted however.

comment:10 by Mathias Bynens, 10 years ago

Cc: mathias@… added

comment:11 by Mathias Bynens, 10 years ago

Keywords: scheduling added

This would be very useful to automate regularly downloading backups, e.g. download file X from server Y every Monday at 1 AM.

It would also enable users to take advantage of off-peak downloads to avoid hitting their ISP capacity limits.

comment:12 by NewWorld, 9 years ago

Cc: d_the_m101@… added

comment:13 by Martin, 8 years ago

I cannot understand why this request has not been implemented. You already have a function to Process Queue. = Ctrl P.
All that is being asked for here is the ability to Process Queue on Date at Time.
Please add a function to Process Queue @ = Alt Ctrl P.
I imagine that this should be no more difficult than putting the call to Process Queue in a loop until the current date/time is greater than the required date/time.

comment:14 by Tim Kosse, 8 years ago

Description: modified (diff)

The right tool for the right task. An interactive GUI client isn't the right tool for automated tasks. For automated tasks, a dedicated command-line client is the right tool.

comment:15 by NewWorld, 8 years ago

@codesquid On the contrary, plenty of GUI programs have schedulers; they have them because it makes sense and is a useful feature. In the field of file transfer, good examples are uTorrent, Vuze, qBitorrent and Deluge (for BitTorrent file transfers), and EiskaltDc++ (DirectConnect file transfers); all of these implement schedules.

Why do you think FZ has an option to minimise to tray? It's to run in the background, and there's no reason why it shouldn't respond to events (like a schedule starting) while in the background.

A command-line utility to control a FZ client would be fine with me, but that way of doing it may be too much work, when all that is asked is that the Queue is started at a specified time and stopped at a specified time.

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