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#9749 SFTP never disconnects from server new sftp disconnect processes Bug report normal
#11101 SFTP key block SFTP password connection moreinfo SFT key Bug report normal
#4300 SFTP Timeout/Disconnect not disconnecting filezilla new SFTP, Timeout, Disconnect Bug report normal
#12886 SFTP SSH Frequently disconnected new SFTP SSH Bug report high
#7923 SFTP Permission Handling new permission-handling Bug report normal
#8168 SFTP Certificate does not save in Program memory new SFTP, CACHE, Bug report normal
#12039 SFTP - no such file or directory new Bug report normal
#2407 Rudimentary per-directory log new Feature request normal
#7235 Round-robin distribute queued transfers to multiple servers new Feature request normal
#10285 Right/Command Click for List Of Sites new connect list sites Bug report normal
#9103 Right-click file in queue -> Interrupt, file interrupted and queue rescanned for higher priority files new interrupt transfer Feature request normal
#9722 Right-Click drag/drop for file copy does not work as expected new File Copy Move Bug report normal
#12087 Right-Click Context menu provides provides fully-qualified pathname to File/Folder. new Feature request normal
#4722 Right mouse click to get file path of uploaded file new path file Feature request normal
#4700 Right Clicking on a file should offer "transfer AS" option new transfer conversion option Feature request normal
#4416 Reversed Transfer queue reopened queue, sort, transfer, directory, order Feature request normal
#2980 Return of the "Download as..." feature in FileZilla 3 new Feature request normal
#4936 Retrieving directory contents of remote FTP server should be on one thread only new Bug report normal
#8589 Resursive delete of directory with hidden files fails without "Force show hidden files" new Bug report low
#11966 Resuming a read only file fails because its prematurely set read-only new Bug report normal
#12476 Resume transfer fails new Bug report normal
#11848 Resume and constitent sending files and directories are buggy new Resume File transfer, Loop Bug report normal
#4418 Restricted User account for FileZilla Server service new Feature request normal
#3891 Response to a PWD command from Unisys Libra host is no longer accepted new Bug report normal
#4680 Resizable "Files currently being edited" dialog, change from modal new Feature request normal
#7884 Reset layout to original state new UI Feature request low
#4497 Reset and reque doesn't work properly new Bug report low
#12838 Reset all FileZilla Installations new license Other high
#11464 Requeue Failed Transfers via Shortcut Keys new Other normal
#7326 Requesting new feature for the last opened bookmark new bookmark Feature request normal
#4643 Requesting additional buttons for "instant connections" to sites new Feature request normal
#8057 Request to Include Option to Changethe TCP Window Size from withhin the Filezilla Client Application new Feature request normal
#12601 Request for change reopened Feature request normal
#8066 Request for SSL status column in server interface lower pane new SSL status interface Feature request normal
#4498 Request for Pause/Resume function new Feature request normal
#4055 Request for History [paths of local site and remote site] new history, remote site, local site, path Feature request normal
#11571 Request connection to an IP address but gets a different IP new Bug report normal
#12690 Replacing Issue with Azure File Server new Bug report critical
#10803 Repeats the "all files transferred succesfully" notification over and over again new Bug report normal
#12825 Repeated images/files with various sizes new Repeated images/files Other high
#5548 Repeated errors (input_pushback not null) when reconnecting. new input_pushback error retry Bug report normal
#5167 Repeat uploads of various files from different folders new Feature request normal
#4283 Reorder quick connect list new Feature request normal
#12929 Renaming file with number pad enter causes a crash new number-pad, numpad, rename, enter-key Bug report normal
#11397 Renaming file cause freeze of app moreinfo rename, freeze, file Bug report normal
#7330 Rename premission request new Feature request normal
#8267 Rename permission seperate from Delete permission. new RNFR RNTO DELE Feature request normal
#11664 Rename file refused in server but accept in client new Rename Directory Bug report low
#8269 Rename Filter new invalid character rename Feature request high
#5400 Remove/Add file extension new File extension MVS zOS Feature request normal
#12793 Remove duplicated entries in Site Manager new remove duplicated entries, remove duplicates, site manager Feature request normal
#8411 Remove clients "local" pane, add vertical directory tree new Patch normal
#8281 Remote: dragging folder upwards in tree scrolls window to find target new Feature request normal
#7156 Remote-GUI or console based to download queues new Feature request normal
#10952 Remote window shows blank, no files listed or odd white space above remote file list, but remote files re-appear when app is re-sized moreinfo Remote window, no files, empty, blank, white space, no files, re-appear on app re-size Bug report high
#9373 Remote subdirectory content not refreshed new refresh subdirectory Bug report normal
#8004 Remote site files view resize issues in Windows Aero/Basic interface new Bug report normal
#2859 Remote site doesn't seem to track correct path new Feature request normal
#12481 Remote file size not correctly displayed new Bug report low
#5254 Remote file editing from command line new remote edit command line Feature request normal
#5436 Remote directory listing does not refresh after upload new directory listing refresh Bug report high
#11127 Remote Site not showing files that were transferred moreinfo Bug report normal
#7861 Remote Site issue with capitalization new Bug report normal
#4859 Remote Site Directory Listing shows incorrect date in FileZilla Client 3.1 and higher new remote system timestamp displayed on files and folders Bug report high
#12349 Remote Site DOES NOT REFRESH after idle !! new remote directory tree refresh Bug report high
#4446 Remote Server to Remote Server Transfer new Feature request normal
#10160 Remote Search download of empty directory does not remain relative to search root moreinfo remote search download file relative Bug report normal
#11238 Remote Search doesn't return results new Bug report high
#8371 Remote Path Handling Feature Request new remote path handling flatten remote paths Feature request normal
#5396 Remembering overwrite action for current tab new remember,overwrite,action,tab,server Feature request normal
#12625 Remember last synchonisation new Synchronized Browing Feature request normal
#2544 Remember RAW commands new 3.5.3 Feature request normal
#10547 Remember Column Size new Feature request normal
#12920 Registration with --register --regkey=XXX new registration Bug report low
#11815 Regarding web based integration with domain FTP like WeTransfer new Feature request high
#7208 Regarding FTP Connectoin new Could not connect to server Other critical
#12916 Refund For Product new Refund Other high
#12002 Refresh in new FTP client causes all folders to close assigned refresh Tim Kosse Bug report high
#11314 Refresh does not work properly in the new release moreinfo Bug report high
#7925 Refresh delay is very long now new refresh, time-out Bug report normal
#1931 Refresh Remote Dir After Upload new Feature request normal
#11894 Refresh Button / F5 - Not refreshing file and folder lists new Remote Directory Refresh Bug report high
#12531 Redirect to root Directory new Bug report normal
#11735 Recursive downloads not immediately re-scanning directories new Recursive Bug report normal
#2016 Reconnect new Feature request normal
#10753 Recent update moreinfo Bug report normal
#9059 Recent Connections new Recent Feature request normal
#1647 Rearrange toolbar buttons new Feature request normal
#7249 Realtime search box accepted search firefox realtime search behzad Feature request high
#5345 Really Delete File "NAME_OF_THE_FILE"? new delete file or folder Feature request normal
#5352 Reading the file to be sent simultaneously with ftp send new Feature request normal
#8034 Read permission denied Truncates local file new read permission overwrite empty truncate dataloss Bug report normal
#7841 Re-downloading Server File new Feature request normal
#8200 Random (and usually slow) download speeds new random speeds, slow speeds Bug report normal
#8587 Race condition in upload: Collisions with previously failed transfers (?) new upload conflict race Bug report normal
#12455 REGRESSION: error message about filename encoding issue shows up every time at startup new Bug report high
#1676 Quota info in ftp log new quota Feature request normal
#11846 Quicker file search new file search path does not contain Feature request normal
#3681 Quickconnect includes all attempted logins, including fails reopened Feature request normal
#12508 Quickconnect does not load default local and remote directories on Sourceforge new Bug report normal
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