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Save/Load named Site Manager profiles

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Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: save, load, Site Manager, security, portability, usability, capsulization Cc:
Component version: Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: Windows 7


Provide the ability to save/load named SiteManager profiles. (in addition to the standard profile in sitemanager.xml located in Windows at %appdata%\Filezilla)

This easy-to-implement facility would make it easy to resolve several usability issues:

(1) Security

The ability to save profiles on removable media, such as thumb drives, would make it possible to apply external security via an encryption mechanism. This proposal would be more flexible and also much easier to implement than ticket #4825.

(2) Portability

Some users work in several different environments. The ability to keep profiles stored on portable media would greatly enhance usability.

(3) Capsulization

The ability to save profiles under different names would allow creating profiles for dedicated purposes, and possibly store them in separate locations.


At program initiation, automatically load the standard site profile stored at %appdata%\Filezilla in the file sitemanager.xml.

Provide a "Load Profile" menu item (and toolbar icon), with a standard filedialog to select the file. File format should be the same as the standard site profile.

Filezilla must remember the file name and location of the "current profile" whether default or "loaded". A "save" of changes to the profile must cause the "current profile" to be written to the source location.

A "Save Profile As" button must be provided for saving profiles as named files. This should lead to a standard save filedialog, where the user provides the filename, but not the extension. The location should then be remembered as the new "current profile" location for purposes of subsequent saves.

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