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#8267 new Feature request

Rename permission seperate from Delete permission.

Reported by: fzwph Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Server
Keywords: RNFR RNTO DELE Cc:
Component version: Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: 2008 R2


I have come across a need to enable renaming files and folders without allowing a direct delete operation.
What I would like to see implemented is a separate rename permission limited to RNFR and RNTO operations. When a file or folder already exists with the new name, the current behavior of throwing an error of "5xx file exists" is preferred.

Currently running FileZilla Server 0.9.41.
Additional information available upon request.

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comment:1 by fuzik, 10 years ago

Type: Feature requestBug report

Hello Tim Kosse!
I confir that's bug. I think it's not a feature request but the bug. And think it's nearly close to ease to fix.
I mean by command "RNFR" check RENAME permission for current object but not DELETE permissions as now.
And this problem looks critical course RENAME and DELETE permissions have MANY differents in my case.
Can you look at this problem one more time please?!

Some techical info:
FTP-client use Windows 2008 Explorer to execute this command.
Filezilla-server v.0.9.14.beta, work on Windows 7 x64.

comment:2 by Alexander Schuch, 10 years ago

Type: Bug reportFeature request

comment:3 by fuzik, 10 years ago

Hello strange "ci-dev" !
Can you explain please, why it's a "feature request" but not the bug?!
It's a BUG as he is. Sorry for my incursion for you. But if you allow that command and they don't work normally (not as all around think) it's not a "feature" it's a bug, and server must block this command before they learn work normally with that command from Windows standrt FTP-client.
I work with developer many time ago, and know they "features" but my position as i say above, is it don't correct in this case?!
I just need to know, to think about my posiotion, or just "eat" this "feature" not a bug and wait when they will be fixed.

comment:4 by fzwph, 10 years ago

Hello all.
I haven't read through all the IEFT RFC's and I don't consider myself an authority on FTP. I don't recall if I submitted this as a feature request or a bug, but as of now, I think of my request somewhere between a bug and a feature.
From an "it is a bug" perspective, renaming a file is not the same as deleting it, as the file itself does not (should not) cease to exist at any point.
From an "it is a feature" perspective, the issue I have is with the granularity of permissions that control access to those commands.

To fuzik,
I submitted this nearly a year ago. I'm fairly certain the developer's priority is on the FileZilla FTP client software and it is not likely to change until the developers have enough time left over for FileZilla FTP server or more developers can sign up to work on it. Look through the forums and you can see the general stance on FileZilla FTP server development time. I do not have the skills myself and have not been able to get anyone who might have the skills interested, and so, patience is my option.

comment:5 by fuzik, 10 years ago

Yes, i accept your position too. I try to checkout sources and try to ask our developer to fix that bug, if they help i will send a patch.
Sorry if i will to much pressure for you, dear developer of the BEST ftp-server for Windows!

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