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#9546 least-recently-used entry (instead of oldest entry) should be removed from quickconnect recent servers list when entry limit is reached new Feature request normal
#12658 libfilezilla: impersonation code is Linux-specific new Bug report normal
#12699 libfilezilla: undefined reference to __atomic_exchange_1 in the RISC-V platform new Bug report normal
#12499 libtool error building filezilla-3.55.0 new Bug report high
#8238 list command used, not supported by msftp server 2003 new Feature request normal
#1803 list of RFEs new Feature request normal
#8533 list views don't read propperly with NVDA screen Reader new filezilla and NVDA screen reader software Feature request high
#11675 local file rename does not auto-refresh file list new local file rename bug Bug report normal
#3839 localhost connection encryption new Feature request normal
#12730 loungerie_6151427 new Bug report high
#11905 lt and lv translations new Bug report normal
#11928 macOS 10.13.6, Error: local: unable to open <filename>. File permission issue. new Bug report normal
#12117 macOS Catalina UI bug prevents usage new macos catalina ui bug Bug report blocker
#4122 mainframe file directory omits tape (EBCDIC) files from display reopened EBCDIC binary tape Bug report low
#5289 make number of entries in quickconnect list configurable new quickconnect, quicklist, servers, limit, connection entries Feature request normal
#8061 make sorting the queue possible by clicking queue column headers accepted sort by size cchaitanya Feature request normal
#12847 messed up text-editing display in dark mode new Bug report high
#12055 min width window under win server 2012 R2 is too high (700px) new Bug report normal
#5398 missing down-arrow next to Site Manager (Linux compared to Windows) new GUI Feature request normal
#2023 monitor local directories for changes (auto-refresh) new Feature request normal
#7221 motd per group / user new Feature request normal
#9641 move directory not behaving as expected when destination directory contains like-named directory new Bug report normal
#1774 multipart and multi-proxy transfer support new Feature request low
#12735 need MimeType assosiation inside the 'filezilla.desktop' file new Feature request low
#12791 need help to install CA certificate to SFTP server new Bug report high
#11625 network error : software caused connection abort moreinfo sftp Bug report high
#11904 new version keeps not responding new Bug report normal
#2883 new version update option at end of session new easy Feature request normal
#12211 no access to my ftp sites with Vodafon new Other normal
#9968 no error message when file path is too long reopened error message filepath Bug report normal
#11392 no protocol works with my hosting provider, they say all is ok there (proftpd) new Bug report normal
#8701 no warning about missing keyfile new Bug report normal
#9843 not all files moved new Bug report normal
#12181 open / execute / file type error new Bug report normal
#12482 opening text files new text files Bug report normal
#2482 option of select list all dir first or list and download. new Feature request normal
#2000 option to change font in the log window new font, fixed width, UI Feature request normal
#5149 option to delete after successful transfer new Feature request low
#5263 option to show Site Manager sites in dropdown in quick connect bar new Feature request normal
#2880 optional full row select in file lists new Feature request normal
#1605 optionally show passwords in Site Manager and in Quickconnect reopened Alexander Schuch Feature request normal
#12823 panes cannot be resized on load (macOS) new start, resize, panes Bug report normal
#10766 password distorted when XML transfer between different OS moreinfo xml,password error Bug report normal
#11880 password reset new Other high
#12088 paste using command+v closes create new directory dialog new Bug report normal
#5029 path to the viewer new path Bug report normal
#11035 port bounce attack new port bounce attack Bug report normal
#4886 posibility to expand server directories while disconnected new expand directories Feature request normal
#12364 preserve timestamps of transferred files can't work on sftp new timestamp, sftp Bug report low
#5617 preserve timestamps option not working on directories. new Bug report normal
#4340 priority ignored if new files added to queue new priority Bug report normal
#12677 probleme de connection new Bug report normal
#2843 progress percentage when minimized new Feature request normal
#7412 prompt for confirmation before clearing Quick Connect Bar new GUI erase history Feature request normal
#8816 prompt queue is complete or complete operation if FileZilla in minimize or not active new Feature request normal
#2486 put -P new Feature request normal
#12264 quick connect working on desktop but not on laptop moreinfo Quickconnect Bug report normal
#2186 quickconnect automatically fills in anonymous new Feature request normal
#7450 recentservers.xml save the pasword in clear code new passwords cleartext unencrypted recentservers.xml Bug report high
#8164 reconnect: remember Site Manager entry new Feature request normal
#12473 recurrent disconnections with BigSur new disconnections, slowness Bug report normal
#12738 recursive delete fails on sync new recursive delete Bug report blocker
#2454 redirect connection two logins and password new Feature request normal
#12275 refresh doesn't work correctly on folder windows new Bug report normal
#7198 refreshing changed files new Feature request high
#5411 regex based file selection/manual file selection with check boxes within a directory. new regex selection mouse filter Feature request normal
#2693 remote directory tree size as percentage of total window new Feature request normal
#5125 remote folders don't always update when switching folders new Bug report normal
#5349 remote site address backslash replacer reopened slashes backslashes Windows Linux address bar Feature request normal
#6516 remove drive letter from local directory new Feature request normal
#8252 remove individual item from Quick Connect new Feature request normal
#8500 rename a local folder while downloading other folders new rename, client, folder, download Bug report normal
#9924 rename and overwrite cause incomplete file list new rename overwrite incomplete file list Bug report low
#12295 rename with existing to-name not accepted new Bug report normal
#7786 renaming of library / pds members on z/OS new Bug report normal
#1945 repeat-last-transfer Hotkey (also on off-focus or so) new Feature request low
#5127 request for proxy-password if the field emtpy new Feature request normal
#5608 resume function does not works if server is not connected new Bug report high
#5407 retain permission settings new Feature request high
#12469 root file access given to localmachine new Bug report normal
#1827 rsync capability would be fantastic new Feature request low
#9395 searching long directory listings new long directory listings Feature request normal
#2762 segmented downloading (and uploading?) reopened Feature request normal
#6199 sending files directly from explorer and have the link copyed automatically new email, links, http, destination, link, dropbox, explorer integration Feature request normal
#9675 set to use system default date format, but not correct date display in client file list accepted date format, settings Tim Kosse Bug report normal
#7232 sftp implementation presumes a fixed size buffer of 32KB for transfer of data to client new download sftp buffersize Bug report normal
#10257 shortcut forgotten at update new shortcut Bug report low
#4811 shortcut to directory still link to old directory if shortcut changed on server new Bug report high
#7888 show additional information on ssl/tls connections new Feature request normal
#2157 show average transfer speed per transfer new Feature request normal
#1705 show filename separately in transfer queues new easy Feature request normal
#1557 show percentage of transfers in system tray new Feature request normal
#8349 show splash screen at startup (Long delay on startup using local network drive) new startup delay Bug report normal
#2368 simultaeneous download through different computers new Feature request normal
#2966 simultaneous transfers by site/all together new Feature request normal
#10756 since update FileZilla_3.15.0.2_win64-setup moreinfo corrupt files Bug report normal
#8373 single file upload/Download is very slow - multiple uploads/Download are fast new Bug report high
#11518 slow download speed, probably after last update. Only slow with Filezilla moreinfo slow download speed Bug report high
#11618 small bug for x64 build new Bug report low
#8036 somehow show invalid UTF-8 encoded filenames reopened ASCII, UTF-8, character set Bug report normal
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