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default screen selection after use on Dual screen system

Reported by: Andor Los Owned by:
Priority: low Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: desktop area Cc:
Component version: 3.25.2 Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: Win 7 (64bit)


FileZilla does not check if the saved last GUI screen position is still valid upon opening of the software.

  • Dual screen system with desktop extension on a second monitor.
  • Open filezilla and use it on the second monitor. Then close the program
  • Disable the second screen, on a labtop remove the cable for example, the full desktop should now only show on the main/single screen.
  • Open Filezilla, it is not visible (or completely visible) as it used the coordinates as if the desktop was extended.

The above is also true if only a fraction of the program is visible on the current desktop.

Solution check upon startup not only if the top-left coordinates are within the current visible desktop area but also if you can see a reasonable portion of filezilla on the desktop. If the top-left coordinate is just within the visible area than you still cannot use the program until you can drag it completely back on the current desktop area.

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