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files get lost from "not transfered" to transfer list => ALWAYS "not all files re-listed"

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Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
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Component version: Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: windows 7 64 bit


i regularly perform backups of all kinds of files with filezilla client and i use it a lot. actually, reliability has been an issue before. i even noticed files that were not entirely transfered. actually, i don't if this has been fixed by now. but back then i noticed, files were not fully transfered. so i went back and had to transfer it directory after directory to make it work.

and i've lost files before. but this time it's very critical. and i don't talk about the files. a website or application never runs if even one or two files are missing. but the loss this time is severe.

the trouble is, i can re-list "not transfered" files. but now filezilla ALWAYS says, not all files were put back in the transfer list. and i mean ALWAYS. every time i tried and try, i had this message and with different file formats. no matter if there were only 4 entries in the "not transfered" list, 40 or 400.

two days ago i started a major backup and after only a few thousand files and this message coming again and again i started checking and within a few thausand transfered files i've lost like 700 files!!! meaning even after like 1/6 of the backup i've lost more than 1000 files!!!

the entries just disappear from all lists. they don't go back to the transfer list and they are cleared in the "not transfered" list. it's not quite funny to backup lost files by hand. especially if there are hundreds or thousands. but that is not even possible when they are cleared in all lists! backing up some thousand files of different purpose and directories, you have no chance to find out the missing files. actually, today i tried to backup the most important files and again i've lost a lot of files. just now i re-listed 1772 files, 12 were in the list before and after re-listing i had 1756. meaning, 28 files are gone in only this one re-listing.

i didn't notice this trouble before and especially not to this extent. i'm using a german version and it says it's compiled on may 26th ... and it's says, version is wxwidget 2.8.12, gnutls 3.1.11, sqlite, active transfer mode ... hope that's everything you need.

you should really try to get filezilla highly reliable. i barely have trouble with the application, but reliability has always been an issue. and this application is for "file transfer". so, i don't know about other people, but my data is always important. so is reliability. i like filezilla and i've been using it for years. reliability would be a good "feature" to add.

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