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filezilla client: bind transfers/connections to specific NIC

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i'm using a laptop with a wifi card and a wired card.

i'd like to bind filezilla client to the wifi card but windows is telling it to use the wired one.

There's a feature like that one in filezilla server, can you add to filezilla client ?

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comment:1 by HT, 11 years ago

Summary: filezilla client: bind transfers to specific NICfilezilla client: bind transfers/connections to specific NIC

comment:2 by Alexander Schuch, 11 years ago

Just for the record, you can simply set your IP routes to use wifi for the FTP server you are using and wired for everything else.

comment:3 by HT, 11 years ago

its not for ftp server, i stated its for ftp client.

basically i want to use the ftp client to access my work ftp server at work with my wifi card rather than my wired which it's external ip is not in the database.

i just need a feature that allows me to choose which nic to use for the ftp client.

comment:4 by Alexander Schuch, 11 years ago

With your FTP client (FileZilla) you likely connect to an FTP server (any). The FTP server likely has an IP address. So if you set the IP routing tables on your computer in a way that makes IP packets directed to the FTP server leave your computer via wifi you basically have what you want.

comment:5 by HT, 11 years ago

or you could just add an option in the client to use a specific nic instead of the other.

Simpler for everyone and we don't need a tcp/ip college course to do routing tables.

anyway, please just add the feature.


comment:6 by HT, 11 years ago

this is really useful and needed on computers with dual nics, like high end desktops and laptops.

please implement it.

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