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#6511 Default System Language new Default system language Bug report low
#6509 Ask confirmation before clearing history new Feature request normal
#6508 Possibility to delete items one by one from history new Feature request normal
#6507 Implement ALLO option to FTP upload assigned Feature request normal
#6506 Local Site or Remote Site Cardex Ability new Cardex, Local Site, Remote Site Bug report normal
#6501 A file with that name is already being transferred new Bug report normal
#6500 Overwrite dialog when a file doesnt exist?? new Bug report normal
#6498 warn earlier about reboot? new update reboot Feature request low
#6496 Limit number of downloads by file volume new limits Feature request normal
#6493 Site manager dialog closes on escape key even when editing an item / doesn't save changes new site manager, save change prompt, escape key Bug report normal
#6492 Deleting a symbolic link removes the linked directory content instead of deleting itself new delete symbolic link Bug report high
#6489 Prepend remote file location to temporary file name when editing. new Feature request normal
#6488 Copy full filename in local queue pane to clipboard new Feature request high
#6484 WIth MVS ps large ps files don´t read the directory in correct way then it don´t have the ability to do FTP new IBM zOS v1.11 windows large files Bug report normal
#6199 sending files directly from explorer and have the link copyed automatically new email, links, http, destination, link, dropbox, explorer integration Feature request normal
#6194 Proxy Import Problem new Proxy, Import Bug report normal
#6193 Allow long path names reopened Bug report normal
#6190 Extracting archives in FileZilla new Feature request low
#5711 check if a file is in the queue before it can be deleted new Feature request normal
#5704 Drag files to FTP shortcut uploads files automatically new Feature request normal
#5701 Uploading large file fails, strange progress bar behavior new upload, progress bar Bug report normal
#5699 Handling of symbolic links on Server site new symbolic link Bug report normal
#5698 windows command-line error new Bug report normal
#5695 IBM Mainframe Filesystems with >9999 Tracks are not shown new z/OS, MVS, Filesize, tracks Bug report normal
#5690 Better way to display errors new Feature request normal
#5689 Impossible to read address bar drop down reopened Bug report high
#5688 Server certificate needs to be accepted twice new Bug report normal
#5685 File Filters: Add More Dates Options (ie: Files Modified TodaY) new filters Feature request normal
#5679 transfer loss of properties new transfer-system Bug report high
#5677 Problem with fast connection if username is equal to 'anonymous' new anonymous password Bug report normal
#5676 Shortcut CMD+ARROW_DOWN on MacOSX new osx, mac, keyboard shortcut Feature request normal
#5674 Make it so I don't have to confirm upload of remotely edited file new Bug report normal
#5666 File Mask feature new File Mask Feature request normal
#5663 File type display during file transfer new Feature request normal
#5657 Elapse time incorrect for single download 1 hour or more new elapsed time Bug report normal
#5645 Folder name begin with dollar sign new Bug report normal
#5631 Configuration file typos new Bug report low
#5629 SSL cert "not yet valid" for current day new Bug report normal
#5622 One click file backup new Feature request normal
#5618 After Action Queue Completion - Remove Remote File new After Action Queue completion - Remove Remote File Feature request normal
#5617 preserve timestamps option not working on directories. new Bug report normal
#5612 Insufficient Logging in Server new Ser ver Logging Log Feature request high
#5611 tab display - blank space, widths, info new tabs display Feature request normal
#5610 Option to disable/enable all Default Local Directories in Site Manager new local directory missing removed slow hung startup Feature request normal
#5608 resume function does not works if server is not connected new Bug report high
#5605 Split Buttons for Filter and Comparison buttons new gui, ui, interface Feature request normal
#5604 FileZilla client is not high-DPI aware on Windows reopened DPI scaling Bug report normal
#5600 Exclude IPs and IP ranges from logging new exclude IP logging Feature request normal
#5598 Speed limit per User new Feature request normal
#5595 Keyboard navigation on directory panel new keyboard navigation Bug report low
#5594 Keyboard shortcut lost on Windows after update new shortcut Bug report low
#5566 Settings / Transfers / Enable Invalid Character Filtering enhancement new Enable Invalid Character Filtering Feature request normal
#5552 Drag item up to other folders new scroll,drag,feature,request Feature request low
#5549 Site-specific Filename Filters new Feature request normal
#5548 Repeated errors (input_pushback not null) when reconnecting. new input_pushback error retry Bug report normal
#5544 Hot keys instead of popups new hot keys menues Feature request normal
#5541 [suggestion] Set priority per tab new tab, priority, suggestion Feature request normal
#5540 Drag and drop on remote panel appears to copy, but moves new drag drop move copy remote server FTP Bug report normal
#5539 Duplicated Entries in Site Manager new Bug report high
#5537 Cut&Paste/Move feature new Feature request normal
#5536 File goes to 100% then times out - too many times reopened Time out, Failed Bug report normal
#5534 Synchronized browsing dialogs new synchronized browsing dialog Feature request normal
#5532 add whole time estimation for whole queue list new queue time Feature request normal
#5531 When dragging a file from the local site to the remote site window for uploading the remote file has 0 bytes size. new Bug report normal
#5527 Drag + Drop Download on Mac new drag drop, mac, download Feature request low
#5526 Maximizing Transfers new Concurrency Segments Capacity Feature request normal
#5523 Keep the focus on last file selected while changing tab new tab file focus change Feature request high
#5521 A small improvement to UI new Feature request normal
#5519 Support for five-button mice new Feature request normal
#5498 Compare remote files from two servers new Feature request normal
#5497 Already Connected dialog should support doubleclick new Feature request normal
#5494 Command line argument - Process Queue new Feature request normal
#5493 Problem while copying from Unixfolders to Windows with casesensitive filenames. new casesensitive copy Patch normal
#5490 Bad behavior with changing priority while adding files to queue new Feature request low
#5485 Drag&drop from FileZilla to Nautilus (and Desktop) in Gnome doesn't works new nautilus, gnome Feature request normal
#5483 Filename filters rules new filename filters rules skip Feature request normal
#5481 Interchange colours (with white/grey) in the Queued files new alternate colours, queued files Feature request low
#5477 If transfer is interrupted, Automatic Shutdown enabled, Queue is cleared. 3.3.3 new Bug report normal
#5474 Connection Time out; file transfer failed accepted Time out Evans Bug report normal
#5471 Windows explorer context menu option new explorer context menu Feature request normal
#5467 Different default options for Remote and Local files new Feature request normal
#5465 Queued files window slow to update when enabling speed limits accepted praveen Bug report normal
#5464 Possibility to edit temporary file location/structure new cache,temporary files Feature request high
#5461 Directory Comparison Not Reporting Properly For File Size reopened Directory Comparison Bug report normal
#5459 Priority File Transfer List new Feature request high
#5456 Total of transferred files should change when you change transfer tabs new total size of transferred files Feature request low
#5438 View/Edit stops working new Bug report low
#5436 Remote directory listing does not refresh after upload new directory listing refresh Bug report high
#5433 Stop Process and Erase Queue new Stop Process and Erase Queue Feature request normal
#5432 Simultaneous connections error new Simultaneous connections maximum number of clients Bug report normal
#5425 New feature - Transfer log export new transfer log export Feature request normal
#5420 Another win file name upper/lower case issue new Bug report low
#5419 Automatic resend of queued file when sending to mainframe new resend queue Bug report normal
#5411 regex based file selection/manual file selection with check boxes within a directory. new regex selection mouse filter Feature request normal
#5407 retain permission settings new Feature request high
#5404 More flexibility for file editing associations new file-association, edit Feature request normal
#5401 Drag'n drop multiple files to the text editor don't drop the last file new Bug report normal
#5400 Remove/Add file extension new File extension MVS zOS Feature request normal
#5399 Encryption cipher selection policy new encryption cipher sftp Feature request normal
#5398 missing down-arrow next to Site Manager (Linux compared to Windows) new GUI Feature request normal
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