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#7810 Can not connect to sftp server if putty have a same site setting. new zlib, putty Bug report high
#12008 Can not bring Filezilla to front. new front, active Bug report normal
#13004 Can no longer transfer files successfully moreinfo Other high
#11477 Can no longer resume paused transfers new Bug report normal
#1728 Can Make a small pause? new Feature request normal
#7420 Calculate md5sum from original.file and send a original.file.md5 file. new md5sum Feature request normal
#4005 Calculate md5 on upload, and create file on server with md5 digest new Feature request normal
#12802 CSS file does not upload correctly moreinfo CSS upload Bug report normal
#1905 CHOWN option new Feature request normal
#7874 Bypass proxy for all local sites new bypass proxy local Feature request normal
#12822 By default, Filezilla Server does not register any exclusions in Windows Firewall, cannot connect until exclusions added to Windows firewall new firewall, connection Feature request normal
#5097 Button to save current local and remote directories as connection directories new Feature request normal
#9307 Button Bar Customization new button bar Feature request normal
#9830 Bug in Filezilla message "File transfer failed" new File transfer Bug report normal
#2752 Browse on remote directory on Advanced tab of Site Manager new Feature request low
#13062 Bookmarks not working new bookmarks Bug report normal
#12391 Bookmarks List is not sorted automatically when a new bookmark is added new bookmark Bug report normal
#7779 Blinking butttons on bottom right corner of FZ Client new Other normal
#7321 Binary instead of ASCII transfer of text files from Windows to Unix servers new binary ascii Bug report normal
#10954 Binary file transfer mode must be a default file transfer mode. new Feature request normal
#12337 Big Sur Release version new ssh Bug report critical
#5690 Better way to display errors new Feature request normal
#8660 Better handling / overview site manager list under Mac new Site manager Mac OS X Feature request normal
#8855 Better IP filtering accepted mals mallory loflin Feature request high
#8992 Better & More Log Files new Log File, Feature request normal
#13022 Bearbeiten/Anschauen htaccess new .htaccess "Ansehen/Bearbeiten" Bug report normal
#11839 Bank file download new Feature request high
#12326 Bad datetime stamp (timestamp) when downloading from Google Drive new modified datetime file stamp Bug report normal
#5490 Bad behavior with changing priority while adding files to queue new Feature request low
#7320 Bad Packet Length or Corrupted MAC on input uploading large files new Bad Packet Length or Corrupted MAC on input Bug report normal
#4564 Average Transfer Rate on Completed/Failed Transfers new Feature request normal
#11853 Automation FileZilla new javier Feature request normal
#2698 Automaticly check for files new Feature request normal
#8184 Automatically launch the latest jobs in the queue new jobs, tasks, queue Feature request normal
#7735 Automatic selection of parallel upload transfers new Feature request normal
#5419 Automatic resend of queued file when sending to mainframe new resend queue Bug report normal
#4387 Automatic protocol detection new useablity Feature request normal
#8347 Automatic Update from to 3.7.3 fails reopened Bug report normal
#1591 Automatic Folder Subtree Synchronization new Feature request normal
#10349 Automatic Backup of file sitemanager.xml new backup bookmark sites Feature request normal
#12679 Automated conversion of \ to / as setting in options? reopened Automation Feature request critical
#2269 Autohide queue window when empty new Feature request normal
#8335 Auto-updater steals focus, intercepts keypresses and exhibits unexpected behaviour new update focus Bug report normal
#7197 Auto-refresh remote file listing when transferring new Feature request normal
#11918 Auto-focus for PW dialog with sftp accounts new auto-focus, ssh, passphrase Feature request normal
#7215 Auto-expanding remote view on transfer new remote view expand collapse traverse Feature request normal
#4599 Auto-Complete Remote Site Path new auto, complete, auto-complete, fill, Feature request low
#12585 Auto transfer Type choose for UTF16 text file new Auto Transfer for UTF16 Bug report normal
#11466 Auto sync data with Filezilla new Auto sync data Feature request high
#2576 Auto queue start new Feature request normal
#8230 Auto Clear History on exit from Filezilla client. new Feature request high
#12968 Authorization control R+W+D new Feature request normal
#12465 Authentication failed. Cannot connect to server new Bug report critical
#11054 Atualização 3.22.2 moreinfo_reopened Bug report normal
#12441 Atributts new Bug report normal
#1940 At-a-glance log of uploads and downloads new log Feature request normal
#7963 Assigning several program options to individual server manager entries new Feature request normal
#8577 Asks to overwrite file when first attempt fails new download retry Bug report normal
#12001 Asking for Overwrite of new files new Bug report normal
#4925 Ask for action becomes a tickbox - then default option can be preselected new ask action file exists action tick Feature request normal
#6509 Ask confirmation before clearing history new Feature request normal
#11308 Ask For Password Once, But Only On One Of My 3 Servers new Ask For Password Once Bug report normal
#9570 Apply to current queue - apply to current operation new transfer, queue Feature request normal
#7806 App Data localtion should be customable new portable usb Feature request normal
#5420 Another win file name upper/lower case issue new Bug report low
#11608 Amazon S3 permissions applied to only 1 file instead of entire multi-selection new permissions, S3, multi-select Bug report normal
#11630 Always have to reupload large files moreinfo Bug report high
#7816 Always connected - dialog with optional disabling this feature new disable optional connecting dialog Feature request normal
#5082 Always "Abort previous connection and connect in current tab" new Feature request normal
#5315 Alternative SFTP directory listing parsing new file space character filename delete rename move ssh ls Bug report normal
#4079 Alternating background color for file lists new Feature request normal
#5497 Already Connected dialog should support doubleclick new Feature request normal
#2895 Allow specifying speed limits on a per-site basis new Feature request normal
#11605 Allow specifying LAN addresses to be treated as external in PASV PORT new Feature request low
#7915 Allow right-click context menu when selecting/changing filename in OS X new Feature request low
#9918 Allow resizeable window in 'Check for updates' dialog new Feature request normal
#2435 Allow registration as a URL handler for FTP, SFTP new Feature request normal
#7891 Allow opening of more than one site automatically at startup new Feature request normal
#2433 Allow only one instance (option). new Feature request high
#2042 Allow multiple mirrors per file new Feature request normal
#6193 Allow long path names reopened Bug report normal
#11435 Allow log directory location to be customized new log, logging, security Feature request normal
#11808 Allow key file reference to not exist new keyfile key file storage Bug report normal
#12253 Allow for audio bell on transfer to be muted new audio Feature request normal
#7283 Allow deletion of source files/folders after transferring new Feature request high
#8851 Allow creating a Site with a password but without a username new Feature request normal
#12555 Allow building of filezilla_client-3.56.0 on OpenBSD new Bug report normal
#10945 Allow TYPE I before logon new type ascii binary cisco nx-os Feature request normal
#10260 Allow Save/Edit the local and remote site drop down contents new site drop down Feature request normal
#7441 Allow Indexing All Drives Dynamically new Feature request normal
#8874 Allow Directory Comparison with Different Filters new comparison filter Feature request normal
#3696 Allow "Open With" as you do "Open" new open with, file-association Feature request low
#9729 All views aligned to right new Display Bug report normal
#12931 All folders time out after NewTek WebHosting moved servers. moreinfo timed out,directory Bug report normal
#9926 All files in queue overwrite local files, regardless of overwrite setting new Bug report normal
#12748 After uploading or downloading, the software crashes moreinfo Bug report high
#4744 After uploading local file that has been edited, automatically refresh the local display details new Feature request normal
#11916 After upgrade 3.42.1, TLS connections to proftpd server broke new tls Bug report normal
#12982 After returning from sleep mode the app doesn't establish any connectrtion new Bug report normal
#8696 After renaming a remote file, the list cursor moves to first list entry new Bug report low
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