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Can Make a small pause?

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Can FileZilla have an option to pause a several second
when message like "Too many user in this server" receive?
It is because when I process the queue, FilleZilla
repeatly send the login request to the server (10 times
per second!!!) when this message appear.
Some FTP sites will block my IP to login again if I try
to login too many in a few second.
However, this feature is present if I connect the site
by site manager!!!! (strange)
But I cannot always sit front of the PC and wait the
site manager to connect the server and press down the
button to process the queue.

The second request it that the file in the queue can
clear by press some button?
I find it the queue is present when I execute Fillzilla
again. I know this is the feature to remenber the queue
file. But how about I no longer need to transfer such
file any more? It seems need to selected the queue
files and right click to remove the queue files. If
there is a few files, it is not a problem. How about
several hundreds files? I need to selected all file for
a few second and press too many page down
button......and no select all function for me to delete
the hold queue.....
also can me to delete the file from the specific host
in the queue?

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comment:1 by Alexander Schuch, 17 years ago

Reconnect delays for the queues are not present yet.

The queue has an item called "stop and remove all" in its context menu, so the whole queue can be removed at once if not needed anymore.

No, there is no way yet to remove items from a given host only. It is either remove the whole queue at once, or remove every single item you do not need.

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