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#12479 Last 10 files transferred are not named new Displaying the list of file transfers Bug report normal
#7191 Last Downloaded column new Last downloaded Feature request normal
#1867 Last X Connected Sites new Feature request normal
#8279 Last transferred feature new recent,last,transfer Feature request normal
#11872 Latest FileZilla - 3.41.1 does not login to our ftp and shows a certificate inscure algorithm (Also 3.40.0) new certificate, tls, error, connection Bug report high
#7751 Latest VMS file version not uploaded new Bug report high
#12566 Latest version crash in few 1000s files new crash,latest Bug report critical
#11465 Left-hand Navigation too narrow moreinfo Navigation Bug report normal
#12711 Let's Encrypt certificate not accepted reopened LetsEncrypt certificate rejected Bug report normal
#11858 Let's Encrypt support new Feature request normal
#12281 Let's encrypt certs aren’t uploaded via SFTP to /etc/letsencrypt/live correctly new upload Bug report high
#5356 Limit concurrent downloads/uploads in Site Manager new Feature request normal
#11757 Limit for Concurrent Downloads setting over-rides all Global and User settings, regardless new Global Transfer settings Bug report high
#6496 Limit number of downloads by file volume new limits Feature request normal
#11717 Limit number of invalid commands new Feature request normal
#4229 List View new list view Feature request normal
#12250 Load balacing not ok new load balancing, small and large files Bug report normal
#12530 Local / GMT time in log files accepted Logging, Time format Fabio Alemagna Feature request normal
#12028 Local Directory strainge new Bug report normal
#6506 Local Site or Remote Site Cardex Ability new Cardex, Local Site, Remote Site Bug report normal
#5046 Local Transfer Management new copy local transfer Feature request normal
#2046 Local Treeview Improvement new Feature request normal
#2961 Local and Remote site: set as default for connection via context menu new Feature request normal
#3003 Local directory view is synchronous new FZ4,maybe Feature request low
#12744 Local file change monitoring only detects after file close on Windows 11 new local file change monitoring windows 11 Bug report normal
#7465 Local folder selected when My Documents is on a network drive new mapped, drive, local, my documents Bug report critical
#12026 Local site path changes after refresh when opened a bookmark new refresh, path, bookmark Bug report normal
#12292 Local site tree randomly collapsing new local_directory_tree Bug report normal
#11448 Local site won't refresh new local refresh Bug report normal
#12044 Localization files new Localization Feature request normal
#9661 Localization issue in "Already connected" popup new language issue russian english Bug report high
#7428 Locate on Disk for local files new Feature request normal
#5341 Lock Local View across multiple tabs in a single session new Feature request normal
#8045 Lock Step Directory feature new Feature request low
#8749 Lockup after downloading file while editing new Bug report normal
#11568 Log In will not accept password new Bug report low
#11418 Log date/time format not handling 00 AM hour correctly. new Datetime, format, logging Bug report normal
#9775 Log file download failure new log file download Bug report high
#7878 Log file improvement request new log files Feature request normal
#12534 Logging to files does not work new Bug report normal
#9099 Logon default type Normal new Default logon type, default logon, new account Feature request normal
#11741 Loss of connection data following the proposed update 3.37 new Bug report normal
#11725 Lost Local Mapped Drives with v3.36 window 64 bit moreinfo local drives Bug report normal
#12462 Lost Password new lost, paaasword Other high
#11729 MAC OS X SIte Manager Sroll overlap entries reopened Bug report high
#12341 MKCOL request for WebDAV protocol new webdav mkcol Bug report normal
#2977 MODE Z Compression option in filezilla 3 new regression, reversion, modez, mode Z, compression Feature request normal
#2613 MSI package new Feature request normal
#11265 Mac OS Sierra bug with top moreinfo Bug report high
#5178 Mac OSX: Close Button should Hide not Close App new mac close button Feature request normal
#12097 MacOS : cannot cut/paste text via CMD-V new Cut, Paste, MacOS, Mac, OSX Bug report normal
#11378 MacOS Copy Paste feature reopened Bug report normal
#11883 MacOS: directory view does not follow directory aliases new Bug report normal
#2201 Macros new Feature request normal
#12749 Major regressions over the past year new Bug report blocker
#9125 Make "No" the default for file deletion confirmation new File browser Feature request normal
#11119 Make "Unit symbol for bytes..." a comment new Bug report low
#2250 Make "Use Multiple Connections" setting persistent new easy Feature request normal
#10301 Make "force EPSV over IPv4" available as an option new force EPSV over IPv4 Feature request normal
#7965 Make Autoupdate silent (similar to google chrome) new Feature request normal
#9457 Make Dialogue Boxes Copy-able new copy dialogue, copy ssh, copy ssh fingerprint, copy fingerprint Feature request normal
#2929 Make View/Edit available offline new Feature request normal
#4243 Make all settings available in fzdefaults.xml new Feature request normal
#9583 Make an app bundle also when GTK is used on Mac new Feature request normal
#10883 Make filter names translateable new Bug report low
#5674 Make it so I don't have to confirm upload of remotely edited file new Bug report normal
#11819 Make subdirectory selected after switched to parent directory new selection file directory Bug report normal
#12820 Malformed chunk data: Invalid chunk size moreinfo Bug report high
#5212 Manage QuickConnect - delete individual items new QuickConnect Feature request normal
#8232 Manage SSH keys - Site Manager reopened sftp, too-many-authentication-failures Bug report high
#11929 Manual Transfer v3.42.1 new manual transfer Bug report normal
#8213 Manual transfer multiple files new manual multiple Feature request normal
#12405 Manually setting file permissions crashes the app new Bug report high
#8292 Many interface languages in FileZilla cannot be used. new internationalization, GUI, language, preferences, user experience Bug report normal
#7395 Many server in servermanager list new Serverlist Server Servermanager Feature request normal
#8380 Massive Memory and CPU utilization with large dataset Uploads new Bug report normal
#12516 Master Password not being remembered new Master Password Bug report blocker
#2894 Max Files per Session + Max Files per Day new Feature request normal
#7909 Max Simultaneous Transfers over set limit causes server timeouts new Bug report normal
#5526 Maximizing Transfers new Concurrency Segments Capacity Feature request normal
#10879 Maybe replace link to probe.php by placeholder new Bug report low
#7339 Memory can not be written error on listview click new Bug report normal
#1841 Mention "Overwrite if newer" in console on skipping new Feature request normal
#12303 Menu selections are remaining on the screen new menu image Bug report normal
#8869 Menu shortcut keys not working new menus keyboard shortcuts Bug report normal
#1869 Message Log new Feature request normal
#2507 Message Log to file... more options please! new Feature request normal
#11752 Message log panel colors w/ Dark Mode on macOS Mojave new dark mode, message log Bug report normal
#4384 Message log tab selected by default new message log tab Feature request normal
#3817 Message log window at the bottom new message log window Feature request normal
#2451 Metalink (mirror description) support new Feature request normal
#4421 Middle-click action new Feature request normal
#12752 MinGW-W64 compiler detection using clang and lld fix new Patch normal
#7155 Minimize and Manual Transfer use same keyboard shortcut new Bug report normal
#2222 Mirror Connections new Feature request normal
#12151 Misleading Error: "Connection closed by server" new Feature request normal
#9265 Misplaced buttons on dialog new Bug report normal
#11783 Missing key file warning message blocks usage of sitemanager new Bug report normal
#11888 Missing word in UI text new UI text Bug report normal
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