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Info Tip on systray icons

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Hi !

Well, I often use the new (and now in french
too) "Minimize to tray" function.
It's nice and usefull.

But I also use more than 1 FileZilla at the same time.

At the moment for exemple, I've 2 FilZilla on upload
and 4 which are downloading.

They are all in the systray but it's hard to find the
right FileZilla when I want to maximize one.

So the idea is : Is it possible to have a custom
InfoTip instead of "FileZilla" ?

Something like (may be with parameters in the
settings) "FileZilla: - 120Mb"

In this case, it's the name of the server and the
Queue to download, but we can imagine many usefull
info to show, like if the transfert is active or not,
the speed, the name of the current file, how many
files to transfer...

It could be interesting for the server too (number of
users, transfert speed...)

Do you like ?

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comment:1 by anonymous, 21 years ago

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I've been wanting this feature as well. My suggestion
would be to make it customisable.
Same goes for the titlebar. I'd also like some info
customised in there.

comment:2 by anonymous, 20 years ago

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I also have a suggestion on how this could be done...

For the FileZilla icon in the tray, one left click would bring up
a small menu to choose which instance of FileZilla to bring up
(obviously those instances should be unique and can be
easily identified...).

Plus, I suggest changing the color of the FileZilla Server
icon. First reason is to distinguish the server from the client,
second is, it doesn't really make much sense to have identical
icons for both programs with very different functions.
Perhaps, changing the Fz into a different color? Maybe, from
yellow to blue, and when connected, it changes to green like
it is now, and when downloading, it changes to purple? (this
is very similar to Serv-U FTP but what the heck... _)

comment:3 by Alexander Schuch, 16 years ago

The following ideas are taken from the following (now deleted) RFE:
[ 584689 ] add customisable systray icon tooltip

"For the tooltip there... maybe it can be customised
with placeholders like

  • %t number of transfers left
  • %u number of uploads left
  • %d number of downloads left
  • %r current transfer rate"

comment:4 by Alexander Schuch, 9 years ago

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