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#4571 "Transfer as" and "queue as" function new file transfer rename Feature request high
#4570 Move "show hidden files" to the View menu reopened view hidden files Feature request low
#4569 Inconsistent usability of icon bar icons new icon bar Bug report low
#4568 Context menu on transfer queue tabs new transfer queue tabs context menu Feature request low
#4564 Average Transfer Rate on Completed/Failed Transfers new Feature request normal
#4554 file exists action - add overwrite if source file larger option new overwrite source file larger Feature request normal
#4531 choosing gateway for element in the queue OR for the full queue new gateway Feature request normal
#4530 Accessibility events missing from the file lists in Gtk+ version new accessibility Bug report normal
#4508 "Check For Updates" does not work when there is a HTTP proxy new automatic-application-update proxy Bug report normal
#4503 action after queue completion, HIBERNATE new Feature request normal
#4498 Request for Pause/Resume function new Feature request normal
#4497 Reset and reque doesn't work properly new Bug report low
#4490 cannot list symbolic links reopened cannot list symbolic links Bug report normal
#4461 Suggestion - Latest opened files. new Feature request high
#4457 Persistent Queues new queues, crash, load, persistence Feature request low
#4452 Changing the GUI for handling priority new Feature request normal
#4451 Synchronized Browsing does not update local listing after upload is complete. reopened Synchronized Browser update local Bug report normal
#4446 Remote Server to Remote Server Transfer new Feature request normal
#4439 'File permissions...' / 'Change file attributes' dialog inconsistency new file permissions usability Bug report low
#4422 Drag object onto folder opens folder new Feature request normal
#4421 Middle-click action new Feature request normal
#4418 Restricted User account for FileZilla Server service new Feature request normal
#4416 Reversed Transfer queue reopened queue, sort, transfer, directory, order Feature request normal
#4408 Add Hibernate as an option for queue completion new Feature request normal
#4398 Focusing local directory tree clears UNC path from local site new Bug report normal
#4391 Editbox with autosuggest for site manager right before the "host" field. new site manager, auto suggest, user friendly, usability Feature request high
#4387 Automatic protocol detection new useablity Feature request normal
#4384 Message log tab selected by default new message log tab Feature request normal
#4381 Site Selector Dropdown sort by last connected. new site manager, site, sort Feature request normal
#4378 Delete source file(s) after transfer new Feature request normal
#4361 Site Import Duplication new site import Feature request normal
#4347 Default file exists action on Queued Files not selected upon succeding open of dialog box new default file exists action Bug report low
#4340 priority ignored if new files added to queue new priority Bug report normal
#4333 Quick transfer (or repeat queue) button, with pre-configured files to send new quick tansfer, pre-configured, send, files, macro Feature request normal
#4323 Upload files of certain filesize, independently new upload,force,file,type,size Feature request normal
#4318 Tab Key to FZServer interface main window new accessibility, tab, tab key, server, main window Feature request normal
#4310 Suggestion to add "Status" column in "Successful transfers" tab new Feature request normal
#4306 Watch a server 'hot' folder and automatically download any new content reopened automatic download watch hot folder Feature request normal
#4300 SFTP Timeout/Disconnect not disconnecting filezilla new SFTP, Timeout, Disconnect Bug report normal
#4293 doubleclick action: open new doubleclick open Feature request normal
#4285 Stop transfer from this server after finishing all active downloads from this server reopened transfer queue Feature request normal
#4283 Reorder quick connect list new Feature request normal
#4280 Connect from history feature proposal new Feature request normal
#4249 Incomplete download should be deleted new Incomplete download should be deleted Feature request normal
#4243 Make all settings available in fzdefaults.xml new Feature request normal
#4235 "Treat files without extension as ASCII file" should be unchecked by default reopened data-corruption Bug report high
#4230 Multiple windows/server for Mac reopened Feature request low
#4229 List View new list view Feature request normal
#4218 Default filter set for site profiles new site profile, filter set, filter, site manager Feature request normal
#4192 Clear Indication When Data Is or Is Not Encrypted new Feature request normal
#4166 Filezilla isn't a file management tool reopened Feature request normal
#4155 Entry "Desktop" in folder browser shouldn't switch to real location new desktop, folder browser Feature request normal
#4126 timed bandwidth throttle mechanism (speed limit scheduler) new Scheduler, speed, throttle Feature request normal
#4123 Options to set default values for new Site Manager entries new Feature request normal
#4122 mainframe file directory omits tape (EBCDIC) files from display reopened EBCDIC binary tape Bug report low
#4120 Shortcut keys new keyboard-shortcut, F4 for editing Feature request high
#4108 Disconnects resetting the elapsed time stat. new elapsed, time, disconnect, reset, resetting Bug report normal
#4083 User interface - Feature Suggestion new favorites, keep alive, user interface User interface Feature request normal
#4079 Alternating background color for file lists new Feature request normal
#4055 Request for History [paths of local site and remote site] new history, remote site, local site, path Feature request normal
#4053 Add an option to automatically delete the installation file after an update new Feature request normal
#4048 File path disappears when trying to edit history new path history Bug report normal
#4040 Provide a way to prefix/suffix timestamp for "Rename if file already exists" new Feature request normal
#4023 Cancelled transfers are added to the Successful transfers list assigned Bruno Ramos Bug report normal
#4020 Individual Folder Configurations for Overwriting Files new overwrite Feature request normal
#4009 automatically clear private data on exit new clear private data exit Feature request normal
#4005 Calculate md5 on upload, and create file on server with md5 digest new Feature request normal
#4004 Upload files as <filename>.tmp, rename after successful upload new Feature request normal
#3973 "Resume if smaller, warn if larger, skip if same size" new resume file exists smaller Feature request normal
#3971 Possible bug with "overwrite if file sizes are different" on large queues new Bug report normal
#3961 time frame for enabling/disabling FTP service new Feature request normal
#3947 AS400 zero file size on send for small files new empty zero as400 Bug report normal
#3939 Feature Request: right click on a directory in the explorer open sharing dialogue new Feature request normal
#3918 Possibility to delete one item from history new Feature request normal
#3896 Change the Directions of Arrows in the 'Download', Upload' and 'Add files to queue' icons according to context new icon, arrow, direction, download, add files Feature request normal
#3893 File edit dialog: Live-update assigned Bruno Ramos Feature request low
#3891 Response to a PWD command from Unisys Libra host is no longer accepted new Bug report normal
#3857 1 Click Putty Integration (SSH client integration) new putty shell Feature request normal
#3851 Save to Sites option from Quick Connect Menu new Save To Sites Quick Connect Feature request normal
#3839 localhost connection encryption new Feature request normal
#3836 Unable to download/delete a directory if all its contents are filtered assigned directory listing filter Luke Bug report normal
#3817 Message log window at the bottom new message log window Feature request normal
#3770 Wider Central Bar new central bar Feature request low
#3723 Define standard applications to OPEN files of certain types new file types standard application Feature request normal
#3696 Allow "Open With" as you do "Open" new open with, file-association Feature request low
#3681 Quickconnect includes all attempted logins, including fails reopened Feature request normal
#3011 Queued file listing view improvement. new Feature request normal
#3010 Support Ctrl-backspace & Ctrl-shift-backspace in path boxes new Feature request normal
#3008 Save "view/edit" preference new Feature request normal
#3007 Conv't way to Add Site from Site Manager to QuickConnect Bar new Feature request normal
#3003 Local directory view is synchronous new FZ4,maybe Feature request low
#3000 File Progress bar when minimized new Feature request normal
#2980 Return of the "Download as..." feature in FileZilla 3 new Feature request normal
#2979 Use Snarl & Growl for transfer notifications new Feature request normal
#2977 MODE Z Compression option in filezilla 3 new regression, reversion, modez, mode Z, compression Feature request normal
#2970 automatic directory selection - upload file in right folder new Feature request normal
#2968 using Filezilla dll from outside program new Feature request normal
#2966 simultaneous transfers by site/all together new Feature request normal
#2964 Improvement of download queue management new Feature request normal
#2961 Local and Remote site: set as default for connection via context menu new Feature request normal
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