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Reading the file to be sent simultaneously with ftp send

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Component version: Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: XP SP2


connected to my company network via. vpn (not exactly fast). trying to send a file that resides on company network to a remote ftp server elsewhere in the world (definitely not fast). I currently notice that the predicted time to complete is 10 hours. However, if the same file is local to my client machine the time to send is about 6 hours. The time to simply copy the file to my local pc is less than 2 hours.

This leads me to infer that Filezilla is reading a block from the file and then sending the block, repeated till the send is done (appologies if this is incorrect). If my vpn connection is full duplex it should be possible to service file reads at the same time the ftp send is in progress, thereby saving time in sending files that I can only access over the same network adapter I use for the ftp send. I guess this would mean multithreading the file read and send, but I will leave the design to you geniuses.

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