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Add connection history

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Please add a menu pull-down that has a list of saved connections so they can be re-established by the click of a menu choice. This would basically be an extension of teh Reconnect function, only giving some choices of recent connections.

I am in customer service and frequently have to revisit FTP sites/directories 3 or 4 times per day, with other connections in between to archive customer data. I may be working with several customers during a day and collecting debugging data from each one, sometimes more than one time during the day. It is time consuming to have to drill down through the same directory tree over and over again.

You already have the technology. The Reconnect function is great. It just needs to be expanded to give choices of several recent connections.

I have no suggestion for how many connections to remember. Ten or twelve might be enough for me, I haven't thought that far ahead.

Thinking more about design suggestions, comparing for duplicates and not saving them would be good, too.

In my case, I would need to see more than the FTP server name because I connect to the same archive server for each customer, but the session is unique by the connected directory, which your reconnect function does save.

Then how or when would the list be purged? Roll out the oldest entry when the maximum for the list is reached? User can purge at any time?

You folks have designed a very nice tool in Filezilla. I'm sure you can come up with a great design for this added function.

Thanks for considering my idea.

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