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#11814 Slow upload over TLS new Slow TLS Bug report normal
#11893 Small bug new Bug, Bug report low
#8576 Small redo last transference new Feature request normal
#7414 SmartFTP: tabs which change the local or remote only new Feature request normal
#7740 Snap panels (message log, transfer queue) to left and right of screen new snap dock panel side view widescreen Feature request normal
#12468 Some HTM Files Created by Outlook 365 Change from En to Ch Character Set Upon Upload new EN Chinese Character Bug report normal
#11611 Some alt key combinations not working on Mac new at key, @ key Bug report normal
#10847 Some buttons not shown properly in settings from Filezilla new Bug report normal
#11393 Some files are missing when I transfer file over a server. new Other normal
#11998 Some files are still being edited or need to be .... new Bug report normal
#7257 Some functionnalities are not accessible without right click new right click Feature request low
#12491 Sometimes can not click on the local files new MACOS, Synchronize Browsing Bug report critical
#10848 Sometimes files has zero bytes on the server after uploading new Bug report low
#11884 Sometimes the uploading speed is obviously low (1000 Mbps LAN) new slow, 1000 Mbps, LAN Other normal
#12771 Sorting Processing List new sort process list Bug report normal
#7886 Sorting facility new Feature request low
#12249 Sorting options: date/time added to queue, and reverse order sorting. new Feature request normal
#12173 Sorting queue with header doesn't follow remote order new Feature request low
#1876 Sound feedback (and other ways of notification) new sound Feature request normal
#5008 Specify minimum encryption requirements new compliance minimum requirements CipherSuite Feature request normal
#10597 Specify simultaneous transfers per server in addition to globally new Feature request normal
#7246 Speed Limits icon distorted without 48x48 version new Bug report low
#5598 Speed limit per User new Feature request normal
#8755 Speed limits doesn’t work properly under XP Pro (32-bit) with SP3 new Speed limits doesn’t work properly with Filezilla Bug report normal
#2521 Speed limits per-file/directory new Feature request normal
#5605 Split Buttons for Filter and Comparison buttons new gui, ui, interface Feature request normal
#11920 Spurious Server unexpectedly closed network connection new Server unexpectedly closed network connection Bug report normal
#12125 Standard local folder not work when in network new folder, local folder, sync Bug report normal
#12355 Startup takes around 45 seconds new Slow Startup Bug report normal
#5433 Stop Process and Erase Queue new Stop Process and Erase Queue Feature request normal
#2656 Stop queue after current transfer new Feature request normal
#8307 Stop remote tree browser jumping while retrieving file lists new remote browser ui Feature request normal
#4285 Stop transfer from this server after finishing all active downloads from this server reopened transfer queue Feature request normal
#8409 Stopping the treatment of the queue dosn't stop distant site tree exploration new Stopping distant tree exploration Feature request normal
#8202 Store "Remember password for this session" option per host/user new Feature request low
#2366 Store Macros / Command Line new Feature request normal
#4724 Store Site Information in a Database new database, db, site manager, site, multi, multi-user, multi-site Feature request normal
#9990 Store default "Action after queue completion" new Settings Queue Completion Default Feature request normal
#12967 Storj file size is zero and cannot be downloaded new storj Bug report normal
#11703 Stuck on 'Transferring' new Stuck on 'Transferring' Bug report high
#10198 Styling/Color Coding of Files new custom styling of filename entries Feature request normal
#12592 Subdirectories of queued directories should always be queued immediately after their parent directory new Bug report low
#4930 Successful transfers addition - transfer times new Feature request normal
#9114 Suddenly switched to "kiosk mode" reopened Bug report normal
#10877 Suggest changing link text in welcome dialog new Bug report low
#11895 Suggestion new Feature request normal
#4461 Suggestion - Latest opened files. new Feature request high
#12318 Suggestion for renaming of files new Feature request normal
#4310 Suggestion to add "Status" column in "Successful transfers" tab new Feature request normal
#3010 Support Ctrl-backspace & Ctrl-shift-backspace in path boxes new Feature request normal
#2461 Support calculating and reporting a file's hash or checksum new hash crc md5 checksum Feature request normal
#2124 Support for NTLM proxy auth new Feature request normal
#11617 Support for OpenSSH Certificate based authentication new openssh certificate Feature request normal
#11983 Support for UNC paths in local tree pane new Feature request normal
#5519 Support for five-button mice new Feature request normal
#2485 Support running FileZilla Server as a portable application new portable Feature request normal
#12758 Support wxWidgets 3.2 new Feature request normal
#7770 Symlink not being updated on refresh new symlink, remote Bug report low
#9840 Sync After Overwrite new synchronize sync overwrite Feature request normal
#12443 Synchronise height of panes new panes Feature request low
#11384 Synchronize the local and remote folder as preset new Feature request normal
#11443 Synchronized Browsing "sync" folder Issue moreinfo Bug report normal
#12082 Synchronized Browsing cannot initiate a connection to the local site server new synchronized browsing, mac Bug report normal
#4451 Synchronized Browsing does not update local listing after upload is complete. reopened Synchronized Browser update local Bug report normal
#11745 Synchronized Browsing ignored by Site Manager new Bug report normal
#5534 Synchronized browsing dialogs new synchronized browsing dialog Feature request normal
#7432 Synchronized browsing is not turned on when reconnecting new Bug report normal
#12616 Synchronized browsing is not turned on when reconnecting new synchronize browsing Patch normal
#7269 Synchronized scrolling on Mac not working new Bug report normal
#12887 TAB key does not advance through fields when connected to a remote server new server pane Bug report normal
#8300 TLS 1.2 ClientHello Signature Algorithms extension incomplete. new Bug report normal
#8198 TLS always stops transfering at 147456 Bytes (download to Samba share) new Bug report normal
#11190 TRANSFER FILE ELAPSE ISSUE moreinfo transfer elapse PABLO Other low
#4318 Tab Key to FZServer interface main window new accessibility, tab, tab key, server, main window Feature request normal
#12901 Tab order gets stuck new Tab Order Bug report critical
#2621 Tail a file / show only last n lines new Feature request normal
#12433 Target File already exists error new Bug report critical
#7353 Target file already Exists popup when uploading file. new Bug report normal
#5346 Temporary Recycle Bin for (small) deleted remote files new recycle bin Feature request normal
#9144 The "use synchronized browsing" setting fails in Site Manager new Bug report normal
#11274 The Alt-H keyboard shortcut has two targets: Host and Help new shortcut keyboard accessibility a10y Bug report normal
#12382 The Windows version of the FileZilla client opens more SFTP connections than configured new Bug report normal
#11244 The application “FileZilla-Installer” can’t be opened. new Bug report normal
#12830 The names of the local and remote folders are written in black on a black background new Bug report normal
#8681 The problem with the Cyrillic character set in the 'Remote site' input box new Cyrillic character set Bug report normal
#11421 This is a feature request for remembering files that were being edited in the prior session new Feature request normal
#12084 This site can’t be reached new Bug report critical
#2647 Thumbnail View in Local Site & Online data new Feature request high
#9157 Time translation from SFTP server new time, utc, atime, mtime, sftp Bug report normal
#9849 Timeout during File transfer. new gnutls-53 Bug report high
#8405 Timeout in big directory delete new Bug report normal
#12785 Timeout value leads to certain directories not being downloaded new Bug report normal
#2943 Timestamp preservation on download, not upload, vice-versa new Feature request normal
#11396 Too big icon in Dock (Mac OS) new Other normal
#8476 Too many publickey verification attempts were made new sftp key publickey too many attempts Bug report normal
#2080 Toolbar Button for Default Site new Feature request normal
#2286 Toolbar customization/hide Quick Connect Bar new easy Feature request normal
#11106 Toolbar icons/buttons vague and button status hard to determine new UI, interface, toolbar, icons Feature request normal
#11354 Tooltips in file transfer queue panel shows outdated information new tooltip, download, queue, wrong information Bug report low
#5456 Total of transferred files should change when you change transfer tabs new total size of transferred files Feature request low
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