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#12334 Custom proxy configuration per site entry new Proxy Custom Feature request normal
#12333 Access to C panel new Bug report normal
#12332 PROXY PASSWORD displayed in CLEAR TEXT ! new Bug report high
#12331 Configure double-click to have different behavior for local vs. remote new double-click, double click, configuration Feature request normal
#12330 Typo on FileZilla home page new Other low
#12329 Fails to complete file download new Bug report normal
#12326 Bad datetime stamp (timestamp) when downloading from Google Drive new modified datetime file stamp Bug report normal
#12325 Files keep deleting unexpectedly new deleting files Bug report high
#12324 What is my host? new host Other normal
#12323 FileZilla from USB drive new Bug report normal
#12322 Error when shutting down Windows new Bug report normal
#12320 Filezilla Login problem new Other high
#12319 Critical error: Could not connect to server- after connecting and trying to transfer files. moreinfo Bug report normal
#12318 Suggestion for renaming of files new Feature request normal
#12317 Fehler mit Wordpress new Bug report normal
#12316 Ability to change download target (path/name) of queued files new Feature request low
#12315 Ability to export remote search results into file new Feature request normal
#12314 If file exists locally, overwrite local time stamp without re-downloading the entire file new test Feature request normal
#12313 Optionally automatically rename/move remote individual files after downloading new test Feature request normal
#12312 Choose a key file dialog ("all files") doesn't show files without an extension new Bug report high
#12311 Opening Files new Bug report high
#12307 [Patch] Auto-update proposal reopened auto-upload Patch high
#12303 Menu selections are remaining on the screen new menu image Bug report normal
#12302 FEATURE REQUEST: Duplicate file feature new duplicate Feature request normal
#12300 Can't acess a server new Command AUTH TLS - Timeout Bug report normal
#12299 Could not connect to server new Bug report critical
#12298 Configuration of Cipher Suites using TLS 1.2 new cipher suites, configuration, TLS Feature request high
#12295 rename with existing to-name not accepted new Bug report normal
#12292 Local site tree randomly collapsing new local_directory_tree Bug report normal
#12291 File Overwriting On Upload Unreliable At Present new file update Bug report high
#12290 Create new file, in the local pane new Feature request normal
#12288 3.50.0 will not ftp from desktop new 3.50.0 will not ftp from desktop Bug report high
#12287 Version 3.50.0 update new Bug report normal
#12285 Private key without extension not shown when adding site new Bug report normal
#12281 Let's encrypt certs aren’t uploaded via SFTP to /etc/letsencrypt/live correctly new upload Bug report high
#12279 FATAL ERROR: Network error: Software caused connection abort Error: Could not connect to server new Bug report critical
#12278 cannot connect to server new Bug report normal
#12277 Crashing after many file uploads new Bug report normal
#12275 refresh doesn't work correctly on folder windows new Bug report normal
#12273 Help new Bug report normal
#12272 after refresh the slide is not on top new Bug report normal
#12267 Issue in directory listing new search filter applies by default on new tab Bug report high
#12266 bug with manual transfer : its no longer automatically retrieving login details for the currently connected server new manual transfer, not automatically retrieving login details for currently connected server Bug report high
#12264 quick connect working on desktop but not on laptop moreinfo Quickconnect Bug report normal
#12259 Need Host ID and Port ID new Bug report high
#12258 Add an option to allow specifying different IP addresses for FTP and for FTPS new pasv passive external ip Feature request normal
#12257 Can't connect to server new Bug report high
#12256 Unable to connect to any servers new Bug report critical
#12255 Home Security Products new wireless ip camera 1080p, home security technologies Other normal
#12253 Allow for audio bell on transfer to be muted new audio Feature request normal
#12250 Load balacing not ok new load balancing, small and large files Bug report normal
#12249 Sorting options: date/time added to queue, and reverse order sorting. new Feature request normal
#12247 Priority and sorting not respected. reopened Bug report normal
#12246 First launch app window is too high on screen to be usable new Bug report normal
#12245 Non Updating of Folder Structure After Changing External Drives new Bug report normal
#12243 Client new Feature request normal
#12242 Unable to login one client FTP new Bug report normal
#12241 Can't complete registration/log in new Bug report high
#12240 Index of/public_html/ new Other normal
#12239 My FileZilla wont start up? assigned wont start up Bug report critical
#12237 Only 9998 files on remote folders new folders, file numbers, Bug report normal
#12235 Upgraded FileZilla, transfers zero byte file with TLS error reopened Bug report normal
#12234 Unable to view/edit files with new version 3.49.1 new view/editr Bug report normal
#12227 OpenSSL library obsolete (currently 1.0.2k) new OpenSSL Feature request high
#12225 File upload error new Bug report normal
#12223 Error renaming a file new rename file Bug report normal
#12221 Failed Transfers tab is broken new Bug report critical
#12220 Uploads randomly failed new Bug report critical
#12219 Filezilla Pro Amazon S3 Secret Access Key is not saved anymore new Bug report high
#12216 New release Filezilla 3.49.0_win64-setup new update install failed Bug report low
#12213 Site Manager/Charset new Bug report normal
#12211 no access to my ftp sites with Vodafon new Other normal
#12210 Vertical scrollbar not resetting to 0 when changing foler new Bug report normal
#12208 Uploads unnecessarily slow new slow upload Feature request normal
#12207 can not be connect on macOS new Bug report normal
#12204 When queuing file for download Automatically scroll the Queued file list to the bottom new Feature request normal
#12203 Not connecting to server/directory new Bug report high
#12201 Unportable test(1) operator new Bug report normal
#12199 Unable to trust server certificates new Bug report normal
#12198 Unable To Install new Bug report critical
#12195 suggestion for tiny visual improvement.... new user interface Bug report normal
#12194 timestamp preservation when transferring from google drive to local new Bug report normal
#12193 Comprei e não recebi a chave new Feature request high
#12191 New version of Filezilla has trouble verifying certificates new unknown certificates Bug report blocker
#12190 Custom File Associations deleted by automatic update. new Bug report normal
#12189 Quick Connect failure new Bug report normal
#12188 Shortcut Generator new Shortcut Feature request normal
#12187 Fileziila worked fine until the latest update new Bug report high
#12185 Add a function to disable auto-download installer of new version new autoupdate Feature request normal
#12184 Custom filetype associations list is emptied after Filezilla update new file type view edit Bug report high
#12183 Wont give me password prompt new Bug report high
#12182 File type association: LOST!!! new Bug report critical
#12181 open / execute / file type error new Bug report normal
#12180 Filezilla 3.48.0 on macOS Catalina new Bug report normal
#12178 file type association new file type association Bug report normal
#12175 Client Intermittently Transferring Files moreinfo Bug report normal
#12173 Sorting queue with header doesn't follow remote order new Feature request low
#12172 Actually display all files when selecting a key new Patch normal
#12171 Opens two edit windows in Komodo IDE12 new editor Bug report normal
#12168 Problema scan new usuario y contraseña Bug report high
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