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Developer ego induced bottleneck over high latency long range wifi network

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Hi. I am attempting to use Filezilla to transfer immensely large numbers of infinitesimally small files over a long range wifi network with incredibly high latency. I am aware of the developer stance of "If you feel you need more than 10 connections, there's something wrong with your internet connection.". Yes, my internet connection is utterly fu%%ed. That's the nature of long range agricultural IoT systems that at least one developer at Filezilla cannot seem to comprehend the potential existence of.

In case you don't believe me, here is a video that shows the bottleneck. Many connections are in a pending state, or a low speed state, because it takes time to initiate the connection and to start transmitting at maximum speed. Connecting multiple filezilla clients to the server so that there are 20 connections increases the transfer speed almost a full 100%.

Now, please, for the love of god, can you allow the max simultaneous file transfers parameter to be set to any user defined number rather than the hard cap of 10 so that my speeds are not arbitrarily limited by the ego of some Filezilla developer I will not name? Or at least limit to 32 to take advantage of my NVME (that's a new fancy storage device: imagine 32 hard drives in raid 0. Yeah i know, wild what these young whippersnappers are putting together these days, huh?) Thank you immensely.

If not, I will be forced to upgrade my company to another FTP software that does not place such ridiculous and arbitrary limitations on an otherwise almost unlimited application, solely because of the developers ego.

Thank you for your generous consideration.

Previous ticket on the issue for reference:,wrong%20with%20your%20internet%20connection.

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