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Subdirectories of queued directories should always be queued immediately after their parent directory

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Priority: low Component: FileZilla Client
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Component version: 3.39.0 Operating system type: Linux
Operating system version: Debian 10


I recently was uploading a set of directories with FileZilla Client via SFTP, with most of the queued directories containing subdirectories. I noticed that the subdirectories are placed in the queue AFTER all of the parent directories. In most cases this is not a concern, but it makes it very tedious to remove or add items to/from the queue while it is not completely finished, and gives a false sense that a directory is "done transferring" halfway through the queue, when in reality its contents may not be transferred until much later. In my case, the destination has very limited disk space and I wanted to move directories out of the destination before the queue completed, and I was unable to do this reliably.

I feel it is more functional to position a queued directory's subdirector(y|ies) immediately after their parent directory in the queue, rather than at the end of all the other parent directories. That would be a much more intuitive queueing order to most users, I believe.

To Reproduce:

Start a transfer queue of multiple directories at once (shift+click to select many, perhaps, then begin the transfer), where at at least one of the directories queued has contents within a subdirectory. Observe the queue "finish" the files that were in the directory, then interrupt the transfer (to simulate a full disk, for example). At first glance, it appears a directory's queue entries were successfully processed, but in reality there is are entire other sets of files still waiting at the end of the queue. A natural urge in a disk full situation would be to move some of the "completed" transfers out of the destination, but in this case, that would be disastrous, as the contents of their subdirectories have not yet transferred.

Proposed solution:

Always append subdirectory contents immediately after their parent directory's contents in the transfer queue.

Thank you so much for the excellent and valuable work you do.

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