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Synchronized browsing is not turned on when reconnecting

Reported by: Gert van de Kraats Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: synchronize browsing Cc:
Component version: 3.57.0 Operating system type: Linux
Operating system version: 5.15.0-2-686-pae i686


I am running filezilla at Debian Bookworm (testing).
On startup I use the option "Restart tabs and reconnect".
Filezilla then shows the files of the local and remote (sub)directories, that
were active at the previous exit of filezilla. This is a nice feature
because often more than once files from the same subdirectory are

Unfortunately at the reconnect the option "synchronized browsing" is not activated,
although this option is set for the site. This option only seems to be
automatically activated, if the site is manually connected using the site-manager at the
default local and remote root-directory, but you almost never want to be
at this directory.

This problem exists at filezilla-3.52.2, filezilla-3.53.1 and

The "synchronized browsing"-option is a very important option, because it
avoids, that files are transported to the wrong directory.

If you forget to set the option and change directory without noticing
this, the website will not work anymore.

So it is not only annoying to set the option each time at a reconnect,
it also causes an unneeded risk of a not working website.

A weak property of this solution is that at a reconnect "synchronized
browsing" also is set if the local and remote path are not in sync, because at the
previous session "synchronized browsing" was disabled by the user.
But this is general behavior of filezilla, which never checks, that the
directories really are in sync, when the user sets the option.

I send a simple, validated patch for filezilla-3.57.0 (8 lines) which always sets the option at a
"Restart tabs and reconnect" or by reconnect-button, if this option is specified for the site.

The patch-logic is also validated at filezilla-3.52.2, which was the current
filezilla-release at Debian Bullseye.

I think this patch causes a more logical and user-friendly implementation of the "synchronized browsing"
option for the site, avoiding unnecessary mistakes with downloads.

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