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Ben (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#5339 Add 'transfer type' to status/history pane FileZilla Client Feature request 04/29/10

Evans (1 match)

#5474 Connection Time out; file transfer failed FileZilla Client Bug report 07/20/10

behzad (1 match)

#7249 Realtime search box FileZilla Client Feature request 03/18/11

cchaitanya (1 match)

#8061 make sorting the queue possible by clicking queue column headers FileZilla Client Feature request 05/27/12

Tim Kosse (2 matches)

#9675 set to use system default date format, but not correct date display in client file list FileZilla Client Bug report 07/24/14
#11235 Filezilla blocks when renaming remote file by not pressing enter key FileZilla Client Bug report 04/18/17

Xishi Pan (1 match)

#4957 Configuarble local directories FileZilla Client Feature request 11/06/09

mallory loflin (1 match)

#8855 Better IP filtering FileZilla Server Feature request 08/16/13

Fabio Alemagna (2 matches)

#12535 Outdated documentation FileZilla Server Bug report 09/24/21
#12652 Accessibility problems with administration interface GUI FileZilla Server Other 02/03/22

praveen (1 match)

#5465 Queued files window slow to update when enabling speed limits FileZilla Client Bug report 07/14/10

radoslavma (1 match)

#4584 Show progress status when Minimized FileZilla Client Feature request 06/17/09

Rahul (1 match)

#7178 directory listing is not always refreshed after uploading a file FileZilla Client Bug report 01/23/11

Tawach (1 match)

#803 Hardcoded colour issues with dark themes FileZilla Server Bug report 01/31/05
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