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#12140 LOGIC BUG IN SYCRO NAVIGATION Other normal FileZilla Client 4 years
#12211 no access to my ftp sites with Vodafon Other normal FileZilla Client 4 years
#12240 Index of/public_html/ Other normal FileZilla Server 4 years
#12255 Home Security Products Other normal Other 4 years
#12320 Filezilla Login problem Other high FileZilla Server 3 years
#12324 What is my host? Other normal FileZilla Client 3 years
#12330 Typo on FileZilla home page Other low Other 3 years
#12335 Vers 3.51.0 Client update, now website has 404 errors Other normal FileZilla Client 3 years
#12403 FileZilla server times out - no connection Other normal FileZilla Server 3 years
#12462 Lost Password Other high FileZilla Server 3 years
#12463 File zile losing the setings Other critical FileZilla Server 3 years
#12477 Where FileZilla downloads a file opened for editing? Other high FileZilla Client 3 years
#12495 Previous File Access Other normal Other 3 years
#12507 Connection Error Other normal FileZilla Client 3 years
#12589 Connection server issues Other critical FileZilla Server 2 years
#12597 Invoice required Other high Other 2 years
#12797 Implicit Encryption Other normal FileZilla Client 18 months
#12825 Repeated images/files with various sizes Other high FileZilla Client 17 months
#12838 Reset all FileZilla Installations Other high FileZilla Client 16 months
#12885 Worong portuguese translation Other normal FileZilla Client 13 months
#12912 Lacking "key file" description in the UI Other normal FileZilla Client 12 months
#12916 Refund For Product Other high FileZilla Client 12 months
#12936 Very slow local site over samba share Other normal FileZilla Client 10 months
#12978 SFTP Mac App Store unable to use ssh-agent Other normal FileZilla Client 7 months
#13000 old file zilla to new file zilla upgrade issue Other critical FileZilla Server 5 months
#13007 Connection Banner Other normal FileZilla Server 5 months
#13010 Data Transfer Between Dropbox , AWS & Google Drive Other high Other 5 months
#13013 I changed my laptop please move to my new laptop - Order Number: 138036213 Other critical FileZilla Client 5 months
#13016 filezilla Pro subscription Other normal FileZilla Client 5 months
#13053 Fout bij het laden van xml Other normal FileZilla Client 2 months
#13058 Silent install parameters for settings customizations - FileZilla Server Other normal FileZilla Server 2 months
#13067 FileZilla not connecting to Quickconnect Server Other high FileZilla Server 7 weeks
#13075 I cannot make connection to the server Other normal FileZilla Server 3 weeks
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