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Option for directory comparison: test only files

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Operating system version: Linux, Windows


I enable directory comparison and both "compare file size" and "compare time modification" show lots of hilights on directories whose content is absolutely the same.

This happens because Filezilla compares directories the same way it compares files but directories can't be aligned client/server side because their modification time is actually the creation time of the first upload. So, AS SOON as I upload a new directory, it becomes always NEWER than the original and so marked green server side.
On the contrary, if I upload a dir, then I delete and recreate it client side, it will be always newer than server side, unless I delete that on the server and upload again. But in this case we get back to the previous problem: on the server I'll have a newer dir. So there is no chance to have it working.

I don't ask you a complex/heavy content recursive analysis (as asked e.g. here I don't ask you to to more, I ask you to do less, adding a very much simpler option: "Test only files" which can however do the job for me.

This can probably be implemented in minutes and can save the eyes of millions of users. :-)

PS: I work on Linux client side and server side with the option "preserve timestamp". Everything it's OK for me except these useless hilights on directories.

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comment:1 by Daniel Beardsmore, 8 years ago

Yes this would be really nice. I do find that, for whatever reason, directory timestamps locally and remotely can indeed get out of sync. Where it's a rare occurrence, one fix is to create and then immediately upload a file and then delete it, as that puts the timestamps to within a few seconds and then FileZilla acquiesces.

However, for me personally I fail to see any value in comparing directory timestamps, as a directory is nothing but a container for files, and if all the files are the same, in what way could it possibly matter if the directory timestamps mismatch?

comment:2 by Daniel Beardsmore, 8 years ago

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Operating system type: Linux
Operating system version: Linux Mint Maya 13 (eq to Ubuntu LTS)Linux, Windows
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