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Umlaute, Sonderzeichen in File-Names

Reported by: Ernst Graf Owned by:
Priority: low Component: FileZilla Client
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Component version: Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: XP prof, Vista, 7


In Windows-Umgebung entstehen immer wieder Dateinamen mit Umlauten. Beispiel: Mail-Folder-Name = Lämmli.dbx (aus Outlook-Express).

Die Datei Lämmli.dbx wird dann nicht übertragen, eben wegen des Umlautes.

Laemmli.dbx würde funktionieren.

Könnte man von FZ aus "falsche Dateinamen" automatisch in "richtige Dateinamen" übersetzen, also Lämmli.dbx wird -> Laemmli.dbx.
Diese wird nämlich ohne Fehler übertragen.

Bravo: Die fehlerhafte Übertragung wird in FZ bereits gemeldet, aber das übersieht man leider.


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Please note that this is an international ticket database. As such, writing tickets in some obscure non-English language is frowned upon as the majority of users won't be able to understand such tickets.

FileZilla fully supports the transfer of filenames containing non-English characters, including German Umlauts and the infamous Buckel-S. Your problems most definitely stem from the fact that your server does not support UTF-8. According to the FTP specifications, the only two encodings that may be used by FTP without explicit negotiation are 7-bit US-ASCII and UTF-8, the latter being a strict superset of the former and supporting the entire range of Unicode codepoints. The use of all other encodings violates the standard and the behaviour in such case is undefined. Note that in addition, the mechanism for negotiating other encodings too is undefined, which leaves only UTF-8 as a choice for an encoding containing German characters. See for details.

In short, please either refrain from using non-ASCII characters or upgrade to a proper server capable of UTF-8.

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