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Add tabbing between panes

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I start FileZilla client, just press RET to go to my
default ftp site. Everything works very fine except
that after connect focus is in none of the panes so I
can not use TAB to move around. I have to use the mouse
for just that (which unfortunately is quite inconvenient).

This is v 2.2.21 from 2006-04-20.

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comment:1 by lorddiamond, 17 years ago

Any word on the status of this issue? I too have this problem in
version 2.2.29 and it's extremely annoying. Especially for me since
I'm visually impaired and I rely mostly on the keyboard instead of
the mouse. It seems to mostly occur when you have the sitemanager
set to run at startup and after you close it either by selecting a
site or the cancel button. It also sometimes happens when closing
the settings dialog. At this point none of the main window's
controls have keyboard focus so you can't tab around until you click
on one of the controls.

comment:2 by lorddiamond, 17 years ago

Apparently this problem also occurs when restoring the program from the system tray.

comment:3 by Alexander Schuch, 17 years ago

Can you try FileZilla 3 (beta), the next major version of FileZilla?

I tried it using FileZilla 3 beta-10 on FreeBSD, and tabbing through the panes doesn't seem to work at all. But you might be on Windows and it might work there. Can you please test and report back?

comment:4 by lorddiamond, 17 years ago

I've already tried FileZilla 3 and it's mostly inaccessible exactly because of the issue you're describing. Tabbing doesn't work in Windows either. This is why I've been sticking to version 2. Except for this problem, it's fairly accessible.

comment:5 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

Thanks for reporting. This issue has been fixed in the CVS
repository and will be available with the next version.

comment:6 by lorddiamond, 17 years ago

Thanks, this certainly fixes the accessibility problem with version 3. Of course it doesn't really address the focus issue with version 2 which was the original subject of this thread. And version 3 doesn't yet have some of the features which caused this problem to begin with in version 2. You can't select to have the sitemanager run at startup and it also can't be minimized to the system tray. So in a way it's like trading accessibility in version 3 for a couple of convenient features in version 2. Although I suppose it might be an acceptable trade-off if these features will eventually be added to version 3.

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