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Option to Force Server IP for PASV Mode

Reported by: dynamicbits Owned by: Alexander Schuch
Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: Cc: dynamicbits, Alexander Schuch, kingmotley, elsapo, elcondormage
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When connecting to a NAT'd server, the server is not
always aware of the external IP that has been used to
access it. In a PORT transfer, this should not be a
problem. However, in a PASV transfer, the server will
send the NAT'd IP to the client.

SmartFTP has an option "Force Server IP for PASV Mode".
I think this would be a nice feature to add to FileZilla.

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comment:1 by kingmotley, 18 years ago

It already has this feature.

comment:2 by dynamicbits, 18 years ago

Where is the option to enable/disable this feature? I looked
through all of the options in the latest version (2.2.13c)
and I do not see it. Or is it something that is always enabled?

comment:3 by elsapo, 18 years ago

I don't see this feature either, in FileZilla 2.2.15.

The closest I see is a box for setting an IP for
*non-passive" use:


(this brings up the large dialog labelled "FileZilla Options")

Connection/Firewall settings
"Use the following IP adress for non-passive transfers"

comment:4 by elcondormage, 18 years ago

This feature is not already present, despite what kingmotley

I don't think this is overly complex to add, as basically it just
requires the program to replace whatever servIP it's given with
the one previously used.

comment:5 by kingmotley, 18 years ago

Sorry, you made no reference to whether you were speaking
of the server or the client. The server does have the option.
Only really stupid servers send their internal IP during PASV
mode, but I can see the need for the client to override what
they send incase you actually need to connect to one.

comment:6 by Alexander Schuch, 16 years ago

So from I read, this is a feature request for the client...

As of FileZilla 3.0.0, it is able to use the external IPv4 address instead of the one given by the server in case it uses a local address, see Connection -> Passive mode.

Closing this feature request.

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