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Description within installer executable and FileZilla executable

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Would it be possible to get a change made to the text within the fields of the executables? The change I'd recommend is to modify the FileZilla installer's Product Description to "Filezilla FTP Client Installer", instead of leaving it as "FileZilla FTP Client".

The reason that I am requesting this change is that I work for a company that makes a product that allows you to elevate applications, installers, scripts, msc consoles etc. based upon the criteria of the application being opened, rather than giving the users themselves administrator rights.

The scenario I have here is that both the FileZilla installer and the Filezilla FTP Client executable have identical information - this means that we cannot use this information to allow the installer to elevate, but keep the actual FTP client running as a standard user (in order to maintain the principal of least privilege on customer endpoints).

The only workaround I have at the moment is to allow elevation whenever the following fields are spotted in an executable:
Publisher: Open Source Developer, Tim Kosse
Product Description: FileZilla FTP Client
Product Name: FileZilla
This would elevate any app meeting this criteria, and is not ideal as the FileZilla client doesn't require admin rights - only the installer does.

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