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#4966 fixed Crash if showing/hiding local tree after closing a tab Jerome

Filezilla crash if I click on "local tree" button after closing a tab. The bug doesn't depends on the status of the "local tree" (visible or not)

Test case :

  • Open a new tab.
  • Close the previous tab.
  • Click on the button "local tree".
#4799 duplicate Local zip with escaped apostrophe in filename shows as a folder with file inside Darkswitch

When browsing local system files in Filezilla, a zip file with an escaped apostrophe in the filename shows up as a folder (named as everything before the apostrophe, not including the backslash), with it's contents being a zip file (named as the apostrophe onward).

How I encountered the bug: -Connect to server with files identical to the files stored locally -Navigate to the zip file's containing folder on the remote host -Navigate to the zip file's containing folder locally -The local folder contained identical files as the remote one, except instead of "Guy-123\'s Important", the local folder contained a folder named "Guy-123", and inside of it was a file named "'s Important".

Other information: -The zip file contained a folder named "Guy-123's Important Stuff", without a backslash before the apostrophe.

-In Windows Explorer, the folder with file inside showed up exactly as Filezilla showed it.

-After deleting the folder and contents locally in Windows, and re-copying the zip folder to my local copy of the website in Filezilla, Filezilla created an exact copy of the folder-with-file instance that had previously occurred.

-Using an online control panel, the online zip file's name is also "Guy-123\'s Important".

#11480 rejected only 9998 files on server DashSerg

I have 12089 *.html files in folder. In server preview - only 9998 *.html files in folder. Folder sizes too not equal. Filter files is wrong. Please, correct this greatest soft! Best regards, Serg.

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