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#8011 Patch for simple on/off queue scheduler (feature request #1665) assigned Scott Bragg normal 12 years 10 years
#10724 desktop entry file: add key MimeType new normal 8 years 8 years
#12172 Actually display all files when selecting a key new normal 4 years 4 years
#12307 [Patch] Auto-update proposal reopened high 3 years 3 years
#12371 Add 'Keywords' entry to .desktop file. Fixes lintian warning under Debian new normal 3 years 3 years
#12616 Synchronized browsing is not turned on when reconnecting new normal 2 years 2 years
#12648 [PATCH]Windows Long PATH support new high 2 years 2 years
#12688 fzsftp could not be started new normal 2 years 22 months
#12752 MinGW-W64 compiler detection using clang and lld fix new normal 21 months 21 months
#13031 When creating multiple sites in the Site Manager only last one is saved new normal 4 months 4 months
#13042 putty: Fails to compile on GCC 14 (error: passing argument 1 of ‘next_int’ from incompatible pointer type [-Wincompatible-pointer-types]) reopened normal 3 months 3 months
#5493 Problem while copying from Unixfolders to Windows with casesensitive filenames. new normal 14 years 11 years
#8406 When a new directory created, focus the new directory in listviews new normal 11 years 9 years
#8411 Remove clients "local" pane, add vertical directory tree new normal 11 years 10 years
#9203 Keyboard shortcuts new high 10 years 10 years
#9401 Get file icons on linux new normal 10 years 10 years
#10266 Implementation of Kerberos/GSSAPI support (RFC 2228) new normal 9 years 6 years
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