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filezilla main window maximize state not saved

Reported by: doolyo Owned by: Alexander Schuch
Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: Cc: doolyo, Alexander Schuch, war59312
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If we maximize the filezilla main window so that it takes
the full screen, at next program run it will always restart
with the window minimized.
The status of the window (maximized/minimized) should
be saved in the config file/database.

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comment:1 by war59312, 18 years ago


I have the "Remember window size and position of FileZila"
option enabled and I have the "Minimize to tray instead to
taskbar" option enabled as well.

I always have FileZila's window in a maximized sate. If I
close FileZila while in a maximized state from the system
tray and then relaunch FileZila, it's window is no longer
maximized. :( It has forgotten the window is suppose to be

However, if I close FileZila while in a maximized sate via
File > Exit and relaunch FileZila, it's window is still
maximized like it should be. :)

Please fix this bug. Someone had said something about this
bug back in 2003 and sadly it is still not fixed. :( And
boy is it ever annoying having to always either re-
maximize the window after exiting from the system tray or
having to always close FileZila via File > Exit. :(



comment:2 by Alexander Schuch, 17 years ago

Does this problem still happen to you?

comment:3 by war59312, 17 years ago


Yes still happening with FileZilla 2.2.29. :(



comment:4 by Alexander Schuch, 17 years ago

FileZilla 3, the next major version of FileZilla, now stores the window layout as well. This is not yet included in FileZilla 3.0.0-rc1, but will be in the next release (most likely -rc2). Can you test the nightly build available at <> in order to check if this feature works for you as well? FileZilla 3 doesn't yet support minimizing to the system notification area, though.

You can as well try the latest release of FileZilla 2, but as this is no critical error, it most likely won't be fixed there anymore, as development is now focused on FileZilla 3.

comment:5 by war59312, 17 years ago

Ok yes it remembers now if it is maximized or not.

However, it forgets the size of the un-maximized state if you close filezilla when it is maximized.

That is the un-maximized size becomes pretty much maximized in the sense it takes up the full screen.

So for example open filezilla and un-maximize its window. Change the size so it is pretty small.

Close filezilla. Reopen filezilla. Size and location and have been remembered. :)

Now maximize the window and close. Then reopen once more. Now it opens maximized like it should.

But now un-maximize it once more and now it has lost its window size and location information for the un-maximized sate. :(

Making progress at least...

comment:6 by war59312, 17 years ago

OK the official build of FileZilla v3 3.00 RC2 still has this same problem.

comment:7 by Alexander Schuch, 17 years ago

Can you please test the nightly build of FileZilla 3 as of tomorrow or later from <>? The issue should be fixed. Please report back. Thanks.

comment:8 by war59312, 17 years ago

Finally! :D

2007-08-31 build does in fact correct the issue. Thanks a ton! Good work!

comment:9 by sf-robot, 17 years ago

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