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"Move" displays "+" as mouse pointer indication

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Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: Move, Copy, Plus Sign, Cursor. Cc:
Component version: Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: 7


This is very similar to bug 4667: but I think it is very important to bring this up again, as the excuse that the code relies on a clearly inadequate API is, IMHO, not acceptable for this actually DANGEROUS behaviour! I copied a file from one directory to another, decided I didn't want it there, and subsequently deleted it - only to discover that the file was NOT copied but instead moved, despite visual indications to the contrary, thus removing the only instance of that file entirely!

In fact, I'm not even convinced by the argument that the Windows drag-and-drop cursor cannot not display a plus sign - it regularly doesn't when I am MOVING files in Windows Explorer. Or if you are correct in that it doesn't, then a different icon system should be used. You mention that FTP can't do copy - that's fine if it can't, but you should give users any sort of visual indication that this is the case!

And before anyone says it, the fact that I should have had a backup is not applicable in this case - the copy was an effort to MAKE a backup! It your tool informs you, quite clearly, that you have TWO copies of a file, when it is hiding the fact that you only have one, then the tool is at fault and needs correcting!

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Summary: Move displays "+""Move" displays "+" as mouse pointer indication

comment:2 by Jabba, 9 years ago

Just was bitten by this too. Was doing this on a productive site too. Thankfully I did notice that the folders I was dragging were actually removed instead of copied...

I don't believe that isn't possible to change the mouse cursor while dragging. See e.g. here:

As it is at the moment, it is actively misleading.

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