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Stop appending already!

Reported by: bugme Owned by: Eirik
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No matter if I choose "ask" or "overwrite", many times
(no always, but it happens a lot) it just decides to
append the files I upload.

Sometimes I keep trying until it gives up, but usually, if
it's a small file, I give up myself and just delete and
upload again from scratch.

Although I don't use SFTP much (which uses different
upload commands), I must mention it never happened
there for me.

Please make this program respect my choice of "ask"
or "overwrite" at all times, no matter how strongly it
thinks I should append...

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comment:1 by joshdanziger, 19 years ago

I am also experiencing what I believe to be the same
problem. Sometimes restarting the client does the trick.
However, more often than not, I have to delete the
file/folder before uploading.


comment:2 by Eirik, 19 years ago

Is this a problem with using both the session-only setting
and the general one (edit - settings - file transfer settings)?

comment:3 by joshdanziger, 19 years ago

I believe that I have only tested it using the session-only

Am I right by assuming that ( Transfer - File Overwrite
Settings ) is for the session only?


comment:4 by Eirik, 19 years ago

Yes, have a look in edit - settings - file transfer settings
and see what the default settings says.

comment:5 by bugme, 19 years ago

My global default setting for file transfer is "ask".

comment:6 by karmikal, 18 years ago

I am having the same issue, it appears that the issue is
with both the general and the session settings.

comment:7 by Tim Kosse, 18 years ago

Most likely fixed in most recent version. Please reopen if
it still happens.

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