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Directory listing "updates backwards"

Reported by: Kalevi Jääskeläinen Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
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Component version: Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: XP Sp3


When I upload a file to the server, the file list on the server directory updates according the new upload. But when I click the button "Update Directory and file listing", the list on the server "goes back" to the previous list.

If I log out and log in again, the list is correct, but if I click that button again, the previous list goes back again.

The listing of the local side is always correct.

MyFileZilla version is 3.5.1 and operation system Windows Professional XP Sp 3 (version 5.1)

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comment:1 by Kalevi Jääskeläinen, 13 years ago

It seems, that this feature doesn't depend on the server: it appears on several servers (but apparently Unix servers). Kalevi J

comment:2 by Kalevi Jääskeläinen, 13 years ago

Correction: If I log out and back in, the list shows the "old version", and if I then click the "Update ..." button, the list updates correctly. (That is, the other way round as I first described. Sorry the mess!)

But if I then again click that button, the old list comes back (!!!)

comment:3 by Jordan Miner, 12 years ago

I too have experienced this problem many times. Often when I click "Refresh" from the menu, I can see FileZilla downloading a new directory listing from the server in the message log, but then it goes ahead and uses a cached directory listing! It is really annoying that manually refreshing doesn't work. I have to close and reopen FileZilla to view the correct modification date, etc.

If I've left FileZilla open a few days, I don't know if a file on the server has been edited by someone else and I'm just viewing the cached listing, or if it truly hasn't been changed. This seems like an important bug. (It is the only complaint I've had with FileZilla in the last couple years of using it.)

I'm not sure if it is easy to reproduce. I closed and reopened FileZilla a couple days ago and haven't run into the problem since.

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